Jesselyne Winklaar-Odor

representing ‘FCCA Fundacion Cas pa Comunidad’

Jesselyne Winklaar-Odor is ‘Aruba’s Grand Cultural Lady’ representing ‘FCCA Fundacion Cas pa Comunidad’.

Jesselyne about her traditional dress: ‘A generations lond dedication to the family. The color red on the white background is the love for the family and the code of respect thought by our ancestors. Our ancestors come from a united community that helped each other to progress that symbolized by the color white.
The houses on the dress is to remind us all where we come from learning about traditional standards and moral values from our parents. House as symbol of a home. And to finalize the story about the dress its made keeping in mind elegance of our Mother of Culture mrs. Bernadina Growell. Mrs. Growell has always worn such dresses with honor reminding us important protocol that comes when wearing one.

Jesselyne presenting her traditonal dress.