Evy-Camila van der Biezen

representing Mini Royal and EZ Party Solutions

Evy-Camila is Aruba’s Second Runner-Up Carnival Children Queen 2019 representing Mini Royal and EZ Party Solutions.

Evy-Camila is a very talented girl. Evy herself has sung and recorded her songs for her show. Evy’s back up vocals were her cousins Jévienne, Adrienne, Gillienne y Kaylee-Ann Gomez together with Vivienne Gomez-Rivadeneira.

theme: Evy’s Channel
Evy has her own TV Channel which shows children series like Heidi, The Flintstones, El Chavo, etc that can’t be seen anymore on other tv channels. This was an idea of her mother Lysandra Rivadeneira and was made by Julisa Boekhoudt.
speech made by: Vladimir de Cuba, Marisella de Cuba, Vivienne Gomez-Rivadeneira and Julisa Boekhoudt
speech trained by: Vivienne Gomez-Rivadeneira, Julisa Boekhoudt, Luz Ruiz, Lysandra Rivadeneira and Janirra Kock
hair and make-up done by: Martin Acosta (Envy by Clyde)
costume designed by: Robert Vrolijk
costume (head- and shoulderpieces) made by: Robert Vrolijk
cosstume dress made by: Verena Lian
official dress designed and made by: Verena Lian
show: lyrics of songs for the show were done by Vivienne Gomez-Rivadeneira and Julisa Boekhoudt.
choreography and training of the show by: Marisol Peña
dancers: NTG Dancers