Jayleen Croes

representing Majestic Carnival Group

Jayleen Croes has participated with Aruba’s Carnival Youth Queen Election 2020 representing Majestic Carnival Group.

Jayleen has won the titles of Aruba’s Carnival Second Runner-Up Youth Queen 2020 and Youth Queen of Setar

theme: Reflection
theme by: Uranis Boekhoudt
all around trainer: Elmer Leañez and Jessica Anthonij
speech made by: Endy Croes
speech trained by: Elmer Leañez
make-up done by: Jayleen Croes
hair done by: Allan Kock
costume designed by: Jessica Anthonij and Raquelita Maduro
costume made by: Raquelita Maduro and Teresita Ortiz
official dress designed by: Endy Croes
official dress made by: Teresita Ortis
show made by: Jayleen Croes
show trained by: Carmicheal Thiel
dancers: Diamond dancers y Step by Step dance academy

Jayleen has also won the 5th Place Youth Tumberito 2019.

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