Jolanda Salas

representing TOB Carnival Group

Jolanda Salas has participated with Aruba’s Mrs. Carnival Election 2020 representing TOB Carnival Group.

Jolanda has won the titles of Aruba’s Second Runner-Up Mrs. Carnival 2020 and Setar Mrs. of M.A.S.. Other prizes that Jolanda has won are for:
Best Show
Most Popular
L’Oreal award for Best Make Up

theme: Celebration of Life (Goddess of Celebration) from TOB theme Thailand
theme by: Jolanda Salas
all around trainers: Jolanda’s children
speech made by: Elsa Krozendijk
speech trained by: Bjorn Vrolijk and Deion Geerman
make-up done by: Jennyree Geerman Artistry
costume designed by: Edson Everon
costume made by: Edson Everon & Team and Diego Giraldo
official dress designed by: Endy Croes
official dress made by: Endy Croes and Verena Lian
show made by: Freddy Tromp
show trained by: Shandeeh Geerman and Klinsmann Aristizabel
dancers: Popcorn Dancers (Shandeeh, Rachel, Raucheline, Naomi, Deannly, Sabrina, Licielle, Yinnet, Giovanny, Tyronne)

Special thanks goes to Rachel Kelly, Steve Croes and Xeandrah Blanco for being my all around persons.

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