Jo-Amy Morcillo

representing the district of Noord

Jo-Amy Morcillo has participated with Aruba’s Children Carnival Queen Elections 2020 representing the district of Noord.

Jo-Amy has won the titles of ‘Aruba’s Carnival Children Queen 2020’ and ‘Little Princess of Setar’. Other prizes that Jo-Amy has won are for:
Most Popular
Best Show
Best Costume
Best Speech
Best Dress

theme: ‘Noord ta dushi’ (the districts of Noord is nice) by ‘Carnival Committee Centro di Bario Noord’
all around trainers: Marisol Peña, Kimberly Vrolijk, Endy Croes, Marisella D’Aguiar, Ileyna de Cuba and Irza Werleman.
speech made by: Marisella D’Aguiar
speech trained by: Marisella D’Aguiar and Ileyna de Cuba.
make-up done by: Endy Croes
costume designed by: Endy Croes
costume made by: N-Design
official dress designed and made by: Endy Croes
show made by: Marisol Peña, Julisa Boekhoudt, Nigel Maduro and Festus Bargues
show trained by: Marisol Peña
dancers: Mini NTG Dancers

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