Ilaijah Croes

representing Dushi Carnival Group

Ilaijah Croes has participated with Aruba’s Carnival Youth Queen Election 2019 representing Dushi Carnival Group.

Ilaijah in 2018 as member of a dance group has performed on stage during a show of a participating Carnival Youth Queen. After the show Ilaijah was enthusiastic about the idea of participating herself with the Carnival Queen Elections.

Ilaijah Catalina Croes unlike other girls her age is gifted and talented in her own special way.

Ilaijah’s family thought about her dream and realized that in fact there was no reason not to allow her to participate and started working on making Ilaijah’s dream come true. Ilaijah’s uncle Valence Croes inspired by the movie ‘The Greatest Showman’ came up with the name for Ilaijah’s show of ‘A Million Dreams’. The message that Ilaijah’s whole family wanted to share while preparing Ilaijah for the ‘Carnival Youth Queen Elections’ representing the ‘Dushi Carnival Group’ was clear; overall greater effort should be made to include special children and other special people in more activities and into the community.

Ilaijah’s wish and dreams of participating with the Carnival Youth Queen Elections finally came true and more.

On the 19th of January, 2019 not only did Ilaijah participate but the complete Carnival Harbour Arena full of people rejoiced when Ilaijah representing the Dushi Carnival Group was elected Aruba’s Carnival Youth Queen 2019. Ilaijah has also won the title of Youth Queen of Setar and the prizes for Most Popular and Best Costume. She stole everybody’s heart with her presentation and her motto ‘Sea bunita, sea Bo mes’ (‘Be beautiful, be yourself’).

theme: ‘A Million Dreams’ by uncle Valence Croes
all around trainer: Maribel Andrade
speech made by: Elsa Krozendijk
speech trained by: Maribel Andrade
make-up done by: Martin Acosta
costume designed and made by: Andrew Curiel
official dress designed by: Ronchi de Cuba
show made by: Edseline Figaroa, Chastity Hodge and Egmar Yrausquin
dancers: Ilaijah’s dancers are friends her dance group by The Chaz Modeling & Talentschool. They are Shawdre, Tanique, Stacey, Darienne, Kiandra, Sharienne, Tatiane, Tychessa, MaryJane and Chloë.

Photo taken at Aruba’s Carnival Youth Queen Elections 2019.
from left to right; Obi Tromp (Carnival Youth Pancho 2019), Maria Cordoba (Carnival Youth Queen 2018), Xiomara Ruiz-Maduro (Minister of Finance, Economic Affairs and Culture), Ilaijah Croes (Aruba’s Canival Youth Queen 2019), Anaïs Thiel (Second Runner-Up Carnival Youth Queen), Ashantee Martus (First Runner-Up Carnival Youth Queen), Shannon Henriquez (President of S.M.A.C.) and Dwayne Dabian (Carnival Youth Prins 2019) .

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