Aliyah Harms

representing Kids Champagne Carnival Group

Aliyah Harms has participated with Aruba’s Children Carnival Queen Elections 2019 representing Kids Champagne Carnival Group.

Aliyah has won the title of Aruba’s Carnival Children Queen 2019 representing Kids Champagne Carnival Group. Other prizes tha Aliyah has won are for:
Best Speech
Best Costume

theme by: Discovery Kids
all around trainer: Chastity Kock Hodge & Maribel Andrade
speech made by: Chastity Kock Hodge
speech trained by: Maribel Andrade & Giovanna Croes
make-up done by: Edgar Kock
costume designed by: Edgar Kock
costume made by: Edgar Kock
official dress designed by: Edgar Kock
show made by: Chastity Kock Hodge & Robert Kock.
show trained by: Chastity Kock Hodge, Yahe Bikker & Giovanna Croes
dancers: The Chaz Dancers

> Aliyah was born on April 6, 2011 (8). A girl full of energy and joy. Who everyone recognizes as the “Sprinchi” Queen of Carnival 65. “Sprinchi” is a word in Aruba that describes an energetic girl who can never sit still, very bright and intelligent.
All of her presentation was focusing on what she likes and showing how she is like a girl. With the theme of “Discovery Kids” she taught the public that children are the heroes of this world, and the future. That we should not exclude any child for any kind of disability they have, and that we have to fight against child abuse. Demonstrating her talents, dancing, singing and her sport “Aerial Dancing” and also focusing on love for the nature. Aliyah without experience in contests knew how to conquer the juries with her energy, and becoming “Aruba’s Children Carnival Queen 2019”

by: Giovanna Croes <

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