Josyliane Martinus

representing San Nicolas

Josyliane Martinus has participated with Aruba’s Carnival Queen Election 2020 representing San Nicolas.

Josyliane has won the title of Youth Queen of Setar and L’Oreal award for Best Make Up.

Josyliane as a small child has participated with the indoors Carnival Children Queen Elections at the kindergarten where she has attended and won the title of First Runner Up Children Queen. She had her own beautiful dress and speech. It has always been her dream when growing up to one day participate with Aruba’s Carnival Queen Elections. This dream came true and was used as the theme during her presentation on stage at the Carnival Queen Elections of 2020.

theme: ‘Esaki ta mi Soño’ (This is my dream) by Josyliane Martinus and Tyrone Farro
all around trainer: Tyrone Farro
other important contributors: Junior Hassell, Jahe Bikker, Jeanissa Maduro and Jeanedy Selemeer
speech made by: Tyrone Farro and Jeanedy Selemeer
speech trained by: Jeanedy Semeleer
hair and make-up done by: Leoman Sanchez and Laura Ruiz
costume designed by: Tyrone Farro
costume made by: Tyrone Farro and Junior Hassell
official dress designed by: Javan Croes and Tyrone Farro
official dress made by: Jaidy and Javan Croes
show: show was made and recorded by Tyrone Farro. Background video was done by Ryan Loopstok. Arrangement for the song was done by Rygell Isabella and sung by Josyliane during her show. All around trainer for the show was Jahe Bikker.
dancers: Chaz Graded Dancers lead by Jahe Bikker

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