Alyxienne Kock

representing T.O.B. Kids Carnival Group

Alyxienne is Aruba’s First Runner-Up Carnival Children Queen 2019 representing T.O.B. Kids Carnival Group. Alyxienne has also won the prizes for ‘Little Princess of Setar’, ‘Most Popular’ and ‘Best Show’.

theme: ‘Life’s a Beach’ by TOB Kids and Evelyn Yarzagaray
all around trainers: Ziazian Goeloe and Evelyn Yarzagaray
speech made by: Yvette Dijkhof, Rosabelle Illis and Evelyn Yarzagaray
speech trained by: Ziazian Goeloe, Evelyn Yarzagaray and Rosabelle Illis
make-up done by: Endy croes
costume designed and made by: Carlos Tromp & crew
official dress designed by: Endy Croes
show made by: Tyrone Chirino and Evelyn Yarzagaray
show trained by: Tyrone Chirino, Ziazian Goeloe and Evelyn Yarzagaray
dancers: The Popcorn Dancers