Alyxiènne Kock

representing T.O.B. Kids Carnival Group

Alyxienne is Aruba’s First Runner-Up Carnival Children Queen 2019 representing T.O.B. Kids Carnival Group. Alyxiènne has also won the prizes for ‘Little Princess of Setar’, ‘Most Popular’ and ‘Best Show’.

theme: ‘Life’s a Beach’ by TOB Kids and Evelyn Yarzagaray
all around trainers: Ziazian Goeloe and Evelyn Yarzagaray
speech made by: Yvette Dijkhof, Rosabelle Illis and Evelyn Yarzagaray
speech trained by: Ziazian Goeloe, Evelyn Yarzagaray and Rosabelle Illis
make-up done by: Endy croes
costume designed and made by: Carlos Tromp & crew
official dress designed by: Endy Croes
show made by: Tyrone Chirino and Evelyn Yarzagaray
show trained by: Tyrone Chirino, Ziazian Goeloe and Evelyn Yarzagaray
dancers: The Popcorn Dancers

Alyxiènne was born on the 7th of September 2011, Aruba. She’s affectionately called Xiènny and her teacher is mrs. Joally in class 2-B at St. Paulus basic school.
Xiènnys favorite subjects at school are in math and drawing. Not to forget Xiènnys hobbies are tennis, gymnastics and dancing. She’s very active with her hobbies also by being a member at clubs like Goittia Tennis Performance, Gymnastics Aruba CGA, Avanse and the Popcorn Dancers.
Xiènnys dream is to become a maternity nurse.

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