Parada Acustico 2019

‘Acoustic Parade’

Another event that in 2019 was added to the agenda for ‘Celebration Day of Brasil’ is a music and dance procession named ‘Parada Acustico’. This first ‘Parada Acusitico’ was held on August 11th, 2019 on which day at 1:00 p.m. everybody started gathering at the neighborhood church of Brasil called ‘Misa Cristo Rey’. On that bright sunny Sunday at 2:00 p.m. from ‘Misa Cristo Rey’ the ‘Parada Acustico’ took off and headed for the ‘Centro di Bario Brasil’. The ladies in the parade wore colorful typical Aruban dresses and hats. The men were dancing in traditional khaki trousers, white shirts or guayaberas ( the guayabera is a functional and stylish hot weather garment) and also with the appropriate hats as protection against the sun. They all danced and sang on music that was provided by a band playing

acoustic (non-electrical ) music instruments. It took about one hour for the procession to reach and finish at the ‘Centro di Bario Brasil’. Different participants to the ‘Acoustic Parade’ also are used dance to the longer ‘Carnival Parades’. For these participants one hour dancing in the heat of the sun came off easier. At the ‘Centro di Bario Brasil’ everybody stood together for a group photo in front of the gates to their centre. The pictures show clearly the characteristics of ‘Celebration Day of Brasil’ focusing on what are Aruba’s traditions and folklore which is different from that of a ‘Carnival Parade’ that include a wider variety of themes. Not to forget that the music played is also different. Inside the kitchen was waiting with typical traditional food platters and snacks.

Brisa Tropical y Nos Cunuceronan

The acoustic musical group that provided music for the ‘Acoustic Parade’ was ‘Brisa Tropical’ and ‘Nos Cunuceronan’. These are people that are dedicated to maintain Aruba’s culture and traditions every year again.

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