Reanne Ras

Reanne is Aruba’s Carnival Children Roadmarch Queen 2019.

Carnival 65 Calypso Roadmarch Pre Children Reanne Ras Princess Reanne 0847

photo taken at the Calypso & Roadmarch Contest 2019.

Carnival 65 Calypso Roadmarch Pre Children Youth 1185

Reanne is repeating his winning roadmarch ‘Mi Cabayito’ on stage the moment that she was being crowned by special guest Jonathan Thiel better known as Jeon.
From left to right on the picture with her are Jeanissa Maduro (Aruba’s Carnival Queen 2019), Aliyah Harms (Aruba’s Carnival Children Queen 2019), Reanne Ras (Aruba’s Carnival Children Roadmarch Queen 2019), Shannon Henriquez (President of S.M.A.C.), Jonathan Thiel (alias Jeon)and Clarissa Arrindell (Aruba’s Mrs. Carnival 2019).

children roadmarch: Mi Cabayito
composition and arrangement: Dolfi Richardson
band: Perfect Sound


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