Lionel Croes

alias ‘Rupi Rupi’

Lionel Croes alias ‘Rupi Rupi’ has participated with the Aruba’s Carnival Tumba Festival 2020.

tumba 2019: Bai puntra bo mama
composition: Lionel Croes and Edgar Kock
arrangement: Raul Piar
band: Aiwalos

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Music Time Table of Lionel Croes by Aruba Bacchanal

nr. / year artistic name musical band genre / result song title song link composer(s) arranger(s)
2020 Rupi rupi D'-licious tumba / -
Most Popular
Sera bo stoel
(Close your chair)
Lionel Croes /
Edgar Kock
Ronwayne Kock
2019 Rupi rupi Aiwalos tumba / -
Comical Tumba
Bai puntra bo mama
(Go ask your mother)
Lionel Croes /
Edgar Kock
Raul Piar