Eleccion Reina Cultural 2019

‘Cultural Queen Elections’

Another event as part of Aruba’s cultural tradition of ‘Celebration Day of Brazil’ are the ‘Cultural Queen Elections’. These elections are held in different age categories. For 2019 the members of the jury were Magda Nicolaas, Ferdinand Franca, Nuriane Arias-Helder, Cathy Helder, George Winterdaal and last Lisette Does as the acting president. This jury panel had to judge the participants on the total message during the show, the presentation, traditional outfit, elegancy and charisma. The different categories are:

1. Baby Cultural; For ‘Aruba’s Cultural Baby’ aren’t really babies participating. But in fact very young girls given the symbolic title of ‘Baby Cultural’
2. Chikitin Cultural; ‘Aruba’s Lill Cultural Girl’.
3. Prenda Cultual; ‘Aruba’s Cultural Gem’
4. Damita Cultural; ‘Aruba’s Young Cultural Lady’
5. Dama Cultural; ‘Aruba’s Cultural Lady’

6. Gran Dama Cultural; ‘Aruba’s Grand Cultural Lady’
7. Dama Grandi Cultural; ‘Aruba’s Grand Cultural Madame’

8. Pilar Cultural; ‘Aruba’s Grand Cultural Pillar’

The first five categories are non-competitive. The participants in these categories are of younger ages. Including younger participants is to teach and include them in maintaining traditions, folklore and culture of Aruba which are passed over from generation to generation. For each of these five categories there is one person chosen, named and given the title. For the competitive part takes place in other categories.

Then the next two of these eight categories are competitive which are the ‘Aruba’s Grand Cultural Lady’ and the ‘Aruba’s Grand Cultural Madame’. The candidates that participate in these two competitive categories usually are mothers and or grandmothers of their own families representative for those on Aruba that have a main role in passing over traditions, folklore and culture.

The last category of ‘Aruba’s Grand Cultural Pillar’ is also no-competitive and uniquely special because this person is someone that has contributed to a whole community by years of dedicated work to help maintain and enrich the culture of Aruba. ‘Aruba’s Grand Cultural Pillar’ represent those that have dedicated their knowledge, time and effort in going the extra mile in creating a strong cultural platform on which others can continue building.

The line-up for 2019 would be:

– named candidates in the non-competitve categories:
1. Lysanne Ras is ‘Aruba’s Cultural Baby’
2. Ivy-Anne Bryson is ‘Aruba’s Lill Cultural Girl’
3. Elizien Antersyn is ‘Aruba’s Cultural Gem’
4. Eydiliene Nicolaas is ‘Aruba’s Young Cultural Lady’
5. Genisha Angel is ‘Aruba’s Cultural Lady’

– candidates competing in two categories are:
6. Giannine Wester, Jesselyne Winklaar-Odor and Antonia Hilario competing for ‘Aruba’s Grand Cultural Lady’
7. Lilian Koolman-Besselink and Ortencia Werleman competing for ‘Aruba’s Grand Cultural Madame’

8. Aura Maybelline Arends-Croes is ‘Aruba’s Grand Cultural Pillar’


Participating candidates in all the categories

Overview photo albums ‘Eleccion Reina Cultural 2019’