Celebracion Dia di Brazil

‘Brazil’ is a neighborhood on Aruba that has always had special attention and appreciation for traditions, folklore and culture of Aruba. This neighborhood has founded a committee by the name of ‘Comision Celebracion Dia di Brazil’ to help maintain and share what is culture of Aruba. This committee is responsible for organization of different activities and events in preparation of a great final cultural celebration day by the name of ‘Day of Brazil’. In preparation for that last big da of ‘The ‘Day of Brazil’ the events are ‘Cantica di Caya’, ‘Parada Acustico’, ‘Cultural Queen Election’ and ‘Lantern Parade’. The final ‘Day of Brazil’ starts with a morning mass in their neighborhood church followed by a festival at the neighborhood centre in Brazil just a little down the road of the church. Then from that centre at 3:00 p.m. the ‘Folkloric Cultural Parade’ takes off to circle around passing through different other neighborhoods and end up back at the centre.
The ‘Parada Folklore-Cultural Aruba’ is scheduled for the 11th of August, 2019.

Overview events ‘Celebracion Dia di Brazil 2019’