Unity Carnival Group 2019

A noble cause

‘Unity Carnival Group’ is a group founded with a noble cause. The group tries to envolve people with limitations or handicaps into Aruba’s cultural celebration of Carnival and/ or works with instances that handle with these persons. The group in its two years exsistance already has won different prizes like that of ‘Most Animated Group’ and ‘Most Incentive Group’. In 2018 ‘Unity Carnival Group’ and the foundation of ‘Aruba Doet’ joined together in taking persons with limitations to participate at the Carnival parades in a more luxurious way with the supported of volunteers and different commercial partners.

During both parades in San Nicolas and in Oranjestad the ‘Unity Carnival Group’ has shown positive mood, great ambiance and creative fantasy of design and colors. Dancing and singing to the music provided by the musical band of ‘Hot Ones’

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