TOB Kids Carnival Group 2019

‘Touch of Brazil’.

‘TOB Carnival Group’ takes joy in offering children a fantastic opportunity to participate in their sponsored children Carnival group ‘TOB Kids’. During the children’s parades proud parents and other family members joining their children in the parades seeing to it that all children are comfortable and taken care of. It warms the heart this sight of interaction between children and parents during the parades.

It’s a huge responsability for the organizers to have a children’s group for these little participants are more vulnerable to potential threats during such a big event. Years of experience and dedication has seen to it that everything fares well and all children enjoy their parade safely.

For Carnival 65 in 2019 ‘TOB Kids Carnival Group’ participated by the theme of ‘Life’s a Beach’.

Carnival 65 TOB Kids Children Parade San Nicolas 881 RpcL2

‘TOB Kids’ roadpiece ‘Pearls and Shells’ won the ‘Carnival 2nd Best Luxurious Roadpiece 2019’ prize.

The section ‘Pearls and Shells’ as part of the roadpiece has won the ‘Carninal 2nd Best Luxurious Section 2019’ prize.

Carnival 65 TOB Kids Children Parade San Nicolas 872 ScL2


Carnival 65 TOB Kids Children Parade Oranjestad 491 Rpc2 Jayselle Geerman-Cilienne Toppenberg

‘TOB Kids’ roadpiece ‘Life under the Sea’ with Jayselle Geerman (left) and Cilienne Toppenberg (right) won the ‘Carnival 2nd Best Roadpiece’ prize.

The roadpiece was designed by Anthony Angela and welded by Denchi Werleman. The animals were handmade by Marc de Man and others that helped in the making of the roadpiece were Janelle Geerman, Estefania Montañez, Marc de Man, Denchi Werleman, Jane Werleman, Edmar Lopez, Rayra Lopez, Cindy Bedoya, Annie Vrolijk, Denver Werleman, Nathania Riley, Denrick Werleman and Marylaine Koolman

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