TOB Carnival Group


‘Touch of Brazil’.

T.O.B. group’s first appearance into the Aruba’s Carnival scenario was in 2001, with an across the border representation participation in all elections of Carnival Royalties: childrens, youths and adults.

The group’s name ‘Touch of Brazil Carnival Group’ refers to their first inspiration and theme in 2001. Since then T.O.B. remains as a brand name for the group. This Carnival group is known for its massive participation of floor-members, coziness and innovative touch in dance and interaction with the public. In 2009 Lisette Oduber-Chung took over leadership of T.O.B. over from her husband Otmar Oduber.

Otmar took office as minister on the National Cabinet of Aruba. Lisette shows great example by her attention for including participation of the younger generations in Carnival, for style and organization in the parades. Without forgetting Aruba’s legendary Lighting Parade.

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