TOB Carnival Group 2019

‘Touch of Brazil’.

T.O.B. group’s first appearance into the Aruba’s Carnival scenario was in 2001, with an across the border representation participation in all elections of Carnival Royalties: childrens, youths and adults.

The group’s name ‘Touch of Brazil Carnival Group’ refers to their first inspiration and theme in 2001. Since then T.O.B. remains as a brand name for the group. This Carnival group is known for its massive participation of floor-members, coziness and innovative touch in dance and interaction with the public. In 2009 Lisette Oduber-Chung took over leadership of T.O.B. over from her husband Otmar Oduber.

Otmar took office as minister on the National Cabinet of Aruba. Lisette shows great example by her attention for including participation of the younger generations in Carnival, for style and organization in the parades. Without forgetting Aruba’s legendary Lighting Parade.

‘TOB Carnival Group’ for Carnival 65 in 2019 participated by the theme of ‘Game of Thrones’.

‘TOB’ float ‘Fighting for the Crown’ has won the ‘Carnival Champion Float 2019’ prize.

On the float are Ashantee Martus as ‘TOB Carnival Youth Queen 2019’ who’s also ‘Aruba’s First Runner-Up Carnival Youth Queen 2019’, Kiziah Trimon as ‘TOB Carnival Queen 2019’ who’s also ‘Aruba’s First Runner-Up Carnival Queen 2019’ and Alyxienne Kock as ‘TOB Carnival Children Queen 2019’ who’s also ‘Aruba’s First Runner-Up Carnival Children Queen 2019’.

Rafael Scatliffe has pulled it off in Carnival 65 winning the ‘Carnival Champion Luxurious Roadpiece 2019’ prize with his roadpiece ‘King of Dragons’

Bettina Daal with her mini roadpiece ‘House Lannister; hear me roar’ has won the ‘Carnival 2nd Best Mini Roadpiece 2019’ prize.

Bettina’s designer was Anthony Angela and the welding of the frames was done by Jean Pierre Zimmerman. The costume was sewn and decorated by Gilbert Rodriguez. Decoration of the road- and headpiece was done by Bettina and her staff of Robert Vrolijk, Alejandro Antonietta and Jesus Guzman.

Furthermore Bettina and all section members wish to thank Charlie Croes of Fofoti Tours for their support.

Shevon Brown is ‘Carnival Dancing Queen 2019’ and with her bodypiece ‘Princess of the North’ she’s won the ‘Carnival 3rd Best Luxurious Bodypiece 2019’ prize. Shevon in the parade was a member of the section ‘House of Stark’ by Carlos Tromp.

The welding of Shevon’s body- and headpiece was done by Joselito Abath.

Design of Shevon’s costume, body- and headpiece was done by her father Roberto (Boedoem) Brown. Then Joselito Abath did the welding jobs on the frames of the body- and headpiece while Gilbert Rodriguez sewed the costume. When everything was ready for the decoration Shevon was helped by her mother Angie and father Boedoem once again this year since. Since her childhood Shevon was brought up by her family with Carnival traditions and participation enjoying the season to the fullest. At Shevon’s family home the plaque awards and trophies keep piling up.

From left to right on the image are Jennifer Nicolaas, Ryon Dijkhoff and Nabilach de Palm.The title of the bodypieces by Jennifer and Nabilach was ‘A clash of Queens in Winterfell’. Jennifer, Ryon and Nabilach in the parade were members of the section ‘House of Stark’ by Carlos Tromp.

Ryon with his bodypiece ‘Aegon Targaryen: A Song of Ice and Fire’ has won the ‘Carnival Champion Bodypiece 2019’ prize.
Design of costume, body- and headpiece by:
Alfonso de Windt.
Welding body- and headpiece by: Marcia Thiel-Giel and Betto Thiel.
Tailor: Thaïs Kock, Alicia Barros and Gilbert Rodriguez Leal

Team: Etline Tromp, Shawn Lopez, Sherayma Maduro, Leonie Nicolaas, Nabilach de Palm, Jennifer Nicolaas, Freddy Dijkhoff, Tyron Dijkhoff, Xanron Dijkhoff, Alison Briesen, Shelby Maduro, Naomi Lopez, Ethanael Tromp, Greta Dijkhoff, Myron Dijkhoff and Kathling Peña.


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Section: ‘House Stark: Winter is coming’

Carlos Tromp with his section ‘House Stark’ has won the ‘Carnival Champion Luxurious Section 2019’ prize including other individual awards by his section members.

From left to right on the top full screen image are section members Gareth Cilie with his bodypiece ‘Warden of the North’ and his wife to his left Kimberly Chin who’s ‘Carnival Queen of Bands 2019’ with her bodypiece ‘Queen of the North’.

Section Leader: Carlos Tromp
Designers for Gareth and Kimberly:
Alfonso de Windt and Carlos Tromp
Welding done by: Joselito Abath
Tailors: Gilbert Rodriguez Leal and Thaïs Kock

Followed on the image is Leandro Donato as ‘Carnival King of Bands 2019’ with his bodypiece ‘Lord Commander of the Nights Watch’ he’s also won the ‘Carnival Champion Luxurious Bodypiece 2019’ prize. Last on the right is Shevon Brown (scroll up for her information)

Section: ‘House Targaryan: The Iron Throne’

From left to right on the image are Jullian Jones, Gilbert Thiel, Silvia Gildhorn, Marielle Laclie, Dana Arendsz, Marcus Maduro, Anky Vrolijk, Julisa Jones and Dennerich Kelly

Designs by: Diana Helder
Welding by: Eddie Schoop
Tailor: Diego Giraldo

Section: ‘Mother of Dragons’

From left to right on the photo are Thaïs Tromp, Gloria Vega, Marinelda Cartaya, Susanita Cabella, Naduish Schairer, Deidre Snoijl, Erialda Croes, and Jacqueline Suttle

‘TOB’ mass: ‘White Walkers’

‘TOB’ mass ‘White Walkers’ won the ‘Carnival Champion Mass 2019’ prize.

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