Royal Carnival Group 2019

‘Royal Carnival Group’ for Carnival 65 in 2019 has participated by the theme of ‘Dreams and Illusions’ with ‘N.B.O.’ musical band.

Carnival 65 Royal Grand Parade Oranjestad 1647

Related musical band

Related musical band

Section: ‘Alba’

Rodney Kamperveen is leader of the Carnival section ‘Alba’. ‘Alba’ refers to ‘alborada’ and is spanish for dawn which is the first appearance of light in the sky before the sunrise.

From left to right on the photo are Rodney Kamperveen, Rosa Tromp, Jessica Abath, Cetty Bijlhout, Tina Croes, Nancy Djoehari, Natasha Felix and Furchel Moastro.

Design by: Rodney Kamperveen
Welding by: Errol Brown
Decorations by: Furchel Moastro, Cetty Bijlhout, Rosa Tromp and Rodney Kamperveen
Tailors: Denny Reyes and Janeth Garcia

Section: ‘Dreams and Illusions’

Members of this sections carry their individual bodypieces with their own titles that are all based on the groups theme which is ‘Dreams and Illusions’.

Kathy Faro with ‘Magic’, Jean Carlo Flanegin with ‘Sunrise’, Levi van den Berg with ‘Yemaja, Queen of the Sea’, Stewart Djemani with ‘Oberon, King of Fairy Tales’, Gillian Gil ‘The power of healing and purification’, Osmar Helder with ‘Good and Bad Dreams’, Jade Padron with ‘Aine, Queen of Fairy Tales’ and James Hallman with ‘The Essence of life’.

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