Pink 4 Life Carnival Group 2019

At the ‘Torch Parade 2019’ the group of ‘Pink 4 Life’ with musical band of ‘Le Groove’ closed the parade with 2000 participants. The biggest group in ‘Torch Parade 2019’.
For the Grand Parades ‘Pink 4 Life’ participated by the theme of ‘The Money Team’ featuring Aruba’s paper money designs. Graphic designer Evelino Fingal has used Aruba’s flora and fauna as inspiration for his designs of the bank notes which with pride is showcased by ‘Pink 4 Life Carnival Group’ in the Carnival Grand Parades 2019.

Angelic Flanders with her mini roadpiece ‘Nos 100 florin di Aruba’ (‘Aruba s 100 guilder note’) won the ‘Carnival 2nd Best Mini Roadpiece 2019’ prize.

Kendrick Martijn with his bodypiece ‘E shoco’ (The Owl) is ‘Carnival Dancing King 2019’.

Design bodypiece: Nataly Martijn
Design and decoration headpiece: Kendrick Martijn and Glora Ahlip
Welding done by: Chris Dammers and Lito

Gregory Richardson (left) with his bodypiece ‘Nos 100 Florin di Aruba’ (‘Aruba’s 100 guilder note’) has won the ‘Carnival 2nd Best Bodypiece 2019’ prize. Junior Mohamed (right) with his bodypiece ‘Nos 500 Florin di Aruba’ (‘Aruba’s 500 guilder note’) has won the ‘Carnival 3rd Best Bodypiece 2019’ prize.

Junior Mohamed is brother of two other siblings Anne-Marie and and Eddy who’s participated with ‘Pink 4 Life Carnival Group’ in the parades commemorating their father Wally Mohamed. Wally has just passed away a couple of weeks before on the 12th of February, 2019. The three siblings carried a picture of their father Wally on their body-pieces. Wally has always been a very jolly, charismatic person and a fervent Carnavalista himself. The Carnaval tradition in this family has been passed over from generation to generation and Wally would have wanted his children to mourn him by celebrating and participating with Carnival just like they did to honor him.

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Section: ‘Nos 25 florin di Aruba’

Section: ‘Aruba’s 25 guilder note’

From left to right on the photo are: Margriet Roumou, Jurisa Salomon, Katiuska Kelly, Sheila Tromp, Giovanny Leocadia, Vicky Mathilda, Maroeschka Cornelie, Yolanda Pronk and Carolina Daal.

Section leader: Maroeschka Cornelie
Design and decoration of body- and headpieces by: Maroeschka Cornelie
Tailor: Diego Giraldo

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