O.P.C. Carnival Group


O.R.E.O. Possee Carnival Group

O.P.C. is the first Carnival group to be born out of a musical band. The band that we are reffering to is Oreo owned by Claudius Philips. O.P.C. is short for the ‘Oreo Passee Carnival Group’ which was formed in 2007 and identifies itself as a trendsetter in Carnival matters. We all remember the O.P.C. t-shirts with neon lights during the evening parades. It’s a well organized group, which goes for “fun until the end”. Claudius is all in favor of the concept of working together to improve Carnival in Aruba. That entails cooperation between, musicians, groups and the Carnival Foundation. In Aruba Carnival is by far the greatest cultural event, which takes place on a yearly basis.

In Claudius’ opinion Carnival deserves to be properly planned and well ahead of time, to produce the cracking performance that one desires for Aruba. As soon the Carnival season is over, stakeholders should come together in meetings to start planning Carnival celebration following all year through for the best results. Claudius. Oreo and O.P.C. have formed a children’s group by the name of ‘Whizz Kidz’, which represents a new trend in Carnival Celebration: the kids playing games and dancing on the music of the most popular ‘OREO’ band.

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