O.P.C. Carnival Group 2019

O.R.E.O. Possee Carnival Group

O.P.C. is the first Carnival group to be born out of a musical band. The band that we are reffering to is Oreo owned by Claudius Philips. O.P.C. is short for the ‘Oreo Passee Carnival Group’ which was formed in 2007 and identifies itself as a trendsetter in Carnival matters. We all remember the O.P.C. t-shirts with neon lights during the evening parades. It’s a well organized group, which goes for “fun until the end”. Claudius is all in favor of the concept of working together to improve Carnival in Aruba. That entails cooperation between, musicians, groups and the Carnival Foundation. In Aruba Carnival is by far the greatest cultural event, which takes place on a yearly basis.

In Claudius’ opinion Carnival deserves to be properly planned and well ahead of time, to produce the cracking performance that one desires for Aruba. As soon the Carnival season is over, stakeholders should come together in meetings to start planning Carnival celebration following all year through for the best results. Claudius. Oreo and O.P.C. have formed a children’s group by the name of ‘Whizz Kidz’, which represents a new trend in Carnival Celebration: the kids playing games and dancing on the music of the most popular ‘OREO’ band.

OPC Carnival Group’ for Carnival 65 in 2019 participated by the theme of ‘E mundo briyante di OPC’ (‘The shining world of OPC’).

Jairo Grant
presents his section by the theme of ‘Indian Fantasy of Aruba’ consisting out of six pieces which are a roadpiece, three bodyroads and two bodypieces. This section has won Jairo two Carnival prizes.

‘OPC’ roadpiece ‘Indian Fantasy of Aruba’ with Jairo Grant won the ‘Carnival Champion Roadpiece 2019’ prize.

Welding by: Errol Brown
Design was done by Jairo Grant himself. The decoration of the roadpiece is also done by Jairo helped by his family and friends Jahaira Grant, Janine Figaroa, Jovi lopez, Suhail Winterdaal, Edson wernet, John Flemming and Errol Brown.

‘OPC’ mini-roadpiece ‘Gold Indian’ with Sylvester Koolman in the middle as part of Jairo’s section won the ‘Carnival Champion Luxurious Mini-Road 2019’ prize. On the left is loyal Suhail Winterdaal helping Jacky Starke by carrying her bodypiece ‘Indian Fantasy’ for a moment. On the right is an identical bodypiece ‘Indian Fantasy’ by Mishano Antonia.

Two other bodyroads are the ‘Silver Indian’ by Joacani Grant and the ‘Red Indian’ by Carmen Pontilius.


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Section ‘Lag'é prikichi briya’

‘OPC’ section ‘Lag’é prikichi briya’ won the ‘Carnival Creative Section 2019’ prize.

From left to right on the photo are:
Chris Dammers, Ifna Noguera, Igmar Davelaar, Mirjam Auwerda, Ruby Lattig, Natscha Davelaar, Peter Auwerda, Natascha Davelaar and Isabel Dammers.
Other section members are Michael Lattig and Kenneth Vorst.

Chris Dammers did the aluminum frame-, wire and taping works for the costumes, shoulder- and headpieces with the consultancies of Roberto Brown. Every section member worked on the decoration of their own individual pieces.

The Dammers’ house was turned into the section’s headquarters and workshop for a couple of months. Like every year the section members gather as friends to work on their own individual pieces. This gathering has become ritual where everybody chips in for food, drinks etc. They even had a surround system installed in the garage as part of the animation and are very grateful to the understanding neighbors.

Section leader: Isabel Dammers
Design by: Michael Douglas
Tailor: Mila Misier
Welding by: Phil Schouten
Road assistants: Shakaina Querero, Robby Querero, Phil Schouten.

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