Nos Futuro Carnival Group 2019

Kevin James walks his talk

It was Kevin James’ idea as owner of the ‘N.B.O.’ musical band to come up with a children’s Carnival group. ‘N.B.O.’ used to play at Astoria Hotel’s happy hour every sunday in San Nicolas and it was there in 1997 that Kevin started to talk about his idea with Ramon Arrindell. Kevin and Ramon decided to found the children’s group by the name of ‘Nos Futuro’ meaning ‘Our Future’ because it’s the children that would have to continue with the tradition of Carnival in the future when the grown-ups leave. Mariola Martilia was chosen and accepted to become the groupleader of the ‘Nos Futuro Carnival Group’ the first year and Ramon took the leadership over the following year in 1999.

For Carnival 50 in 2004 Ramon sat down with Roberto Brown, Deninah Martina and other Carnavalistas to talk about how to find ways to invest more in the children to encourage them to participate. For this purpose ‘Flash in the Dark Carnival Group’ was founded to help raise funds to be re-invested in the children’s group of ‘Nos Futuro’. The funds were raised by participating with the night parades of Torch Parade and the Parada di Luz. From there ‘Nos Futuro Carnival Group’ started growing winning prizes for ‘Most Animated Carnival Group’ and even the prize for ‘Group of the Year’. Ramon during the children parades started with dancing moves to animate the children having fun. The music for ‘Nos Futuro’ was provided by ‘N.B.O.’ that produced unforgettable hit songs every year like ‘Biting Ants’, ‘Jumbie’, ‘The Grave’, ‘The Boat Ride’ and many more. ‘Nos Futuro’ is a well organized Carnival group where the different guides every year have the same spot to lead the children. The group would sponsor families with more children of which the parents can’t afford it financially to have their children participating together in same year.

‘Nos Futuro’ produced Carnavalista’s from their childhood like Gelvin Flanders, Shevon Brown, Iyailah Burke, Kenrick Martijn of which most still participate until the day of today with the Grand Parades.

Ramon and Deninah share that they enjoy the parades inthe city of San Nicolas the most because there in the ‘Sunrise City’ lives a Carnival family energy that you can feel in all the people together enjoying Carnival. In San Nicolas you can feel the unstoppable Carnival vibe. Ramon calls it ‘The Carnival Spirit’ that lives in San Nicolas forever since the older ones playing mass before them.

For Carnival 65 in 2019 ‘Nos Futuro Carnival Group’s’ theme was ‘Dicho y proverbio; un tiki di nos dushi Papiamento’ meaning ‘Expressions and proverbs; a little bit of our beloved Papiamento’.

Carnival 65 Nos Futuro Children Parade San Nicolas 954 MRpcL1 QnBnds

‘Nos Futuro’ mini-roadpiece ‘Candela no mester mete cu awa’ with Mary-Ann Werleman has won the ‘Carnival Champion Mini Roadpiece 2019’ prize.

Mary-Anns headpiece was designed by Esneyda Perez and made by Andrew Curiel. The roadpiece was designed and weldered by Alberto (Betto) Thiel. Then to work on the roadpiece there was a team consisting out family and friends: father Pedro and mother Analucia, Mary-Ann(daughter), Marlenne Werleman, Rachelle Werleman, Norman Silvania, Wing Ming Cheong and a team of the fire department.

Carnival 65 Nos Futuro Children Parade San Nicolas 382.jpg Jeanrick Jeadion

Jeanrick and Jeadion are brothers Zimmerman. Jeanrick Zimmerman with his shoulderpiece ‘Gay cora a bolbe canta is the ‘Carnival Dancing King 2019’. ‘Gay cora a bolbe canta’ is a proverb that translates to english as ‘Red rooster has crowed again’ warning all people to secure their properties.
Jeadion Zimmerman with his bodypiece ‘esun cu yega prome ta bebe awa limpi’ has won the ‘Carnival Champion Luxurious Bodypiece 2019’ prize. Jeadion’s proverb is like the proverb in english saying ‘First come, first served’ indicating that people will be dealt with in the order in which they arrive or apply.
Jeanrick’s and Jedion’s pieces were designed by Ylonca Zimmerman and made by Ylonca and Jean-Pierre Zimmerman. Jean-Pierre did the welding on both pieces.

Carnival 65 Nos Futuro Children Parade San Nicolas 608

Ian Marquez with his shoulderpiece ‘Ora candela cu awa ta den bataye awa ta sali vencedor’ has won the ‘Carnival Champion Shoulder Piece 2019’ prize. Ian’s shoulderpiece was designed by Luciënne Quilotte and made by Esneyda Perez, Wing Ming Cheong and Norman Silvania.

Carnival 65 Nos Futuro Children Parade Oranjestad 314 SpcL1

Zoë Molina with her shoulderpiece ‘Pushi chikito tambe ta niester duro’ of which the english variant would be ‘Small pitchers have big ears’. On Aruba grown-ups have always liked to use this proverb indicating that you have to be very careful with what you say in front of the children. Because children also have ears, they hear and remember everything. Zoë’s shoulderpiece won the ‘Carnival Champion Luxurious Shoulder Piece 2019’ prize. Zoë is Jayden Molina’s little sister both participating in the Children Parades.

Carnival 65 Nos Futuro Children Parade Oranjestad 316 Bpc1 KngBnds

Jayden Molina is ‘Carnival King of Bands 2019’with his bodypiece ‘Mihor un parha den bo man cu diez den laira’ which translates ‘better a bird in the hand then ten in the air’. The proverb used in english would be ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’. This proverb tells us that it’s better to hold onto something one has than to risk losing it by trying to get something better. Jayden’s bodypiece has also won the ‘Carnival Champion Bodypiece 2019’ prize.

Both Zoë’s and Jayden’s pieces were designed Chris Dammers. Chris also made the frames. The frame of a Carnival piece can be welded out of iron or be made of other materials that are strong enough to hold the decorations.
The decorations on Jayden’s bodypiece were done by Angelic Flanders, Larry Chirino and Celio Vrolijk and those on Zoë’s shoulderpiece were done by Angelic, Celio and Gloria Ahlip.

Zoë’s and Jayden’s mom Miriam Molina won’t take any credits for everything that she’s done but is very grateful to all those people who have helped and contributed.

Carnival 65 Nos Futuro Children San Nicolas Angelina Khloe Wilson 01

Khloë Wilson on the left with her shoulderpiece ‘Solo ta sali pa tur hende’ translates in english as the sun shines for everybody. ‘Solo ta sali pa tur hende’ is a proverb which means that everybody should be considered and treated equal. Khloë is cousin of Angelina Wilson with her shoulderpiece ‘No hiba awa laman’. Angelina’s proverb used in english would be ‘It’s like bringing sand to the beach’ or ‘Emptying the ocean with a teaspoon’ that are used to describe when someone is carrying out a futile activity. Angelina has won the ‘Carnival 2nd Best Luxurious Shoulder Piece 2019’ prize.
Both shoulder pieces were designed and made by Angelina’s mother Kimberley Wilson.

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Colegio Conrado Coronel

Colegio Conrado Coronel with ‘Nos Futuro Carnival Group’ won the ‘Carnival Incentive 2019’ prize.