Majestic Carnival Group 2019

Swinda Winterdaal is the leader of the ‘Majestic Carnival Group’, which was founded in 2008. Before 2008, Swinda was part of the ‘Paradera in Motion Carnival Group’ (P.I.M.). According to Swinda Carnival in Aruba has grown exponentially over the years, causing challenges to the organization of the ‘Majestic Carnival Group. The most difficult challenge being the financial one of a Carnival group. Potential Carnival groups have to decide to go into a timely fundraising and savings plan. Carnival season follows just after Christmas, which traditionally also is a time of sizeable expenses for families in Aruba. In Swinda’s opinion it might be an idea to let go of the religious traditions of celebrating Carnival before Lent and project the celebration of this magnum cultural event in a more convenient period of the year. The Aruban Government should also budget more financial support for Carnival, as it has proven its importance culturally, touristicaly as an attraction and financial economically to the island. ‘Majestic Carnival Group’ focuses on luxurious and creative presentations of themes that are visually attractive to the public. Much attention is given to details and finishing touch of the Majestic’s costumes, roadpieces, floats and trailers.

For some years ‘Majestic Carnival Group’ hasn’t participated with Aruba’s Carnival parades. However with Aruba’s Carnival lustrum celebration in 2019 they’ve decided to re-organize the group to participate once more and contribute in making this huge cultural celebration even a greater one. Majestic ‘s re-appearance for Carnival 2019 surely has made a great difference. B.M.W. band was hired as the group’s house band and they joined the parades by the theme of ‘Gods and Goddesses.

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