Los Laga Bai Carnival Group 2019

‘Loosen up and let go.’

John Fingal is the leader of ‘Los Laga Bai Carnival Group’ that in 2019 will be participating in Aruba’s Carnival for the 37th consecutive time! ‘Los Laga Bai’ was known for its simple, jolly and easy costumes at an attractive price.

Nowadays they put in more luxury into the basic designs and presentation of their costumes but leaving this as an option. Cheerfulness and enthusiasm are trademarks of this group, which for many years has won them the title of ‘Most Animated Group’ in the parades. If there was a prize given out for the ‘Best Organized Group’, ‘Los Laga Bai’ would surely over qualify for that one. Their unique yearly Los Laga Bai information brochure for the participants, gives an idea of their eye for detail and solid organization.

Participants of the Los Laga Bai are free to personalize the basic costume by adding on to it and making it look more luxurious. Nevertheless you will always recognize ‘Los Laga Bai’ by its liveliness and enthusiasm that overflows.

‘Los Laga Bai’ for Carnival 65 in 2019 went by the theme of ‘Royalties of Carnival 65’

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