Little Groovers Carnival Group 2019

Carnival Children Group of the Year 2019

‘Little Groovers Carnival Group’ was founded by Amarilles Rodriguez, Magaly van den Berg, Darlene Rodriguez and Eugene Martha in 2011. They are all soca fans. And at that time their favorite band was ‘Le Groove Band’. Every year again when watching the children Carnival parade pass by they felt that something needed to be done about the fact that their favorite musical band was out because all children group had their own band already. So they decided to found their own children Carnival group and named it ‘Little Groovers’ and hiring the band of ‘Le Groove’. Amarilles and her team work all year long raising funds for their children group. Their B.B.Q.’s are their greatest succes.

The group and band went on together for six years participating with the children parades. In 2017 ‘Little Groovers Carnival Group’ switched bands and hired the band of ‘B.M.W.’ owned by Randolph Berry. ‘Little Groovers’ with ‘B.M.W.’ succeeded in winning the title of ‘Carnival Group of the Year 2018’. For Carnival 65 in 2019 they surely are coming back to retain the title.

‘Little Groovers Carnival Group’ did retain the title of ‘Group of the Year’ for Carnival 2019 with their theme ‘Carnival Celebrations around the World’. The group had all the parts and pieces required to become ‘Carnival Group of the Year’ making the group complete.

Title roadpiece: ‘Fantasy of Trinidad’

The Carnival celebrating country chosen to represent with this roadpiece is Trinidad & Tobago. Inspired by the Carnival history of Trinidad and the colors on their flag and shield the roadpiece with the title ‘Fantasy of Trinidad’ has won the ‘Carnival Champion Roadpiece 2019’ prize.

The three elements that are represented on the flag and shield are the sun by the color black that stands for courage, earth by the color black that stands dedication and water by the color white that stands for purity and equality.
On the shield there are two golden kolibri’s and three ships portrayed. The ships are the Santa Maria, Niña and the Pinta of Cristobal Colombus who discovered the ‘New World’ in 1492.
On the roadpiece is also decorated with five drums representing Trinidad’s national instruments which are the steelpans. The colorful masks on the roadpiece represent the fact that people in Trinidad started to celebrate Carnival in 1834

The children on the roadpiece are Brihana, Eva, Nohemely, Ruzi and Zeyilienne

Design by: Michael Douglas
Welded and made by: Beto Werleman

‘Trio los flamencos’ is the title of these three mini-road put together that has won the ‘Carnival Champion Mini Roadpiece 2019’.

Flamenco is the national dance of Spain in Europe that originated in the south region of Andalucia. There are four elements that are essential for the flamenco which are singing, guitar music and dance. The dance includes the Jaléo which are the tipical claps with the hands and stamping with the heels when dancing while uttering the word ‘Oléé’.

The two young ladies, Meliray Silvani on the left and Naïmah Brown on the right, are two flamenco dancers. Kailen Wouters is the flamenco guitarist and singer.

Little Groovers mass by the title ‘Celebrating Carnival 65’ won the ‘Carnival Champion Mass 2019’. A 65th anniversary is indicated as a Saphire Celebration. Hence the color blue used for the costumes combined with silver.

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Section: ‘The souls of the Butterfly Island’

Guadeloupe is the country chosen to portray with this section of costumes and bodypieces carrying the title of ‘The souls of Butterfly Island’ which has won the ‘Carnival Champion Section 2019’
Guadeloupe looks like two main islands that are separated by a channel giving the island the shape of a butterfly.
Hence is Guadeloupe nicknamed ‘The Butterfly Island’,

Darlene; “A butterfly is a deep and powerful representation of life. Butterflies mean hope, change and life. This and the colors of Guadeloupe’s flag were the inspirations for our section The souls of Butterfly Island”.

Form left to right on the image: Mishylee de Freitas,Safirah-Lee Redhead, Isaac Pieternela, Xianedy Quandt,Diashenny Paesch, Li-Angelo Quandt,Tiannah Redhead and Jarell Cham

Section leader: Darlene Rodriguez
Designed and made by: Darlene Rodiguez and Eugene Martha.

Overview photo albums: The souls of Butterfly Island

Section: ‘Colombia/ Venezuela’

‘Little Groovers’ section ‘Colombia / Venezuela’ has won the ‘Carnival 2nd Best Section’ prize. The children in this section are Valentina Gómez Ortega (4), Camila Aguirre Gonzalez (6), Xiandre Kelly (6), Alexa Marmolejos Cuevas (10), Valentina Romero Dowling (12), Karla Crespo Castillo (12), Hilary Mora Rovira (13), Yhon Keiver Rojas Castillo (13), Jazmin Valdez (14)

Overview photo albums: Colombia / Venezuela

Overview photo albums: Little Groovers Carnival Group 2019