Kids Champagne Carnival Group 2019

from ‘Baby Champagne’ to ‘Kids Champagne’.

‘Kids Champagne’ started out by the name of ‘Baby Champagne’. This is an adopted children’s Carnival group by Lienchie Merryweather as leader of ‘Champagne Carnival Group’ as an idea to encourage the participation of children in the Carnival of Aruba. After all Carnival is pure joy of music and dancing.

The children have a lot of fun and are creatively stimulated in various disciplines of art like singing, choreography and decoration. Lienchie has even organized and sponsored a ‘Youth Champagne Carnival Group’ for a different age group of participants.
Lienchie; “Children are our Carnival future. At some point its them who will have to take over and continue Aruba Carnival traditions”.

For Carnival 65 in 2019 ‘Kids Champagne Carnival Group’ partcipated by the theme of ‘Discovery Kids’

‘Kids Champagne’ roadpiece ‘Under the Sea’ with Sylvi Cabral and Elle Marie Ho-Kang-You won the ‘Carnival Champion Luxurious Roadpiece 2019’ prize.

Roadpiece designer:
Michael Douglas
Artwork: creative director Carlos Tromp
Roadpiece welder: Max Lampe
Proud parents: Eldrick Cabral, Sheila van Veen, Marielle Ho-Kang-You and Brian Croes.

Welcome to Sylvi’s Adventure under the Sea

I’m a Discovery kid exploring the sea!
So many creatures are swimming past me
Two colorful fishes that ask me to play
While jelly fish dance and sing all day
Look! A giant octopus is tagging along
And joining our group in our happiest song

How beautiful is the sea down here
Let’s keep these waters nice and clear!
People, don’t throw your trash in the sea
These fishes don’t like that, listen to me:
Recycle that bottle, pick up that old can
If we all work together, it could be a good plan!

Special thanks for all the help to Carlos Tromp, Fernando & Diana Cabral, Luz Meira Rojas, Bibiana Diez, Enalia Chirino, Yudella Chirino, Marielle Ho-Kang-You, Brian Croes, Carol Pesqueira, Dora Sanchez, Prislaine Werleman and Jennifer Jacobs.

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Dance Covery Divas

Kids Champagne section ‘Dance Covery Divas’ won the ‘Carnival Champion Luxurious Section 2019’ prize. Children in this section are Maria Veneranda Koolman, Elizabeth Koolman, Amalia Pimienta,

Section leader: Monica Irving
Shoulder pieces and headpieces designed and made by: Monica Irving
Tailor costumes: Marina Charris

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