Infinity Carnival Group 2020

Body Fantasy

On the 4th of January at the ‘Torch Parade’ the ‘Infinity Carnival Group’ will participate with their theme of ‘Infinity Bikers’.

For Carnival 66 in 2020 the theme for the Carnival Grand Parades will be ‘Body Fantasy’ with ‘D’-licious’ musical band.

Carnival 66 2020 Infinity Grand Parade Parade San Nicolas Webpage 1904 Dlicious


Section: Royal Body Extravaganza

Section leader was Pierangely Wever. In fact this section was the only dance group that has formed their own section in the grand parades to give a show on the road.

From left to right: Adiella Adamus, Sophie Erwich, Ramiro Brett, Mary Geerman and Gregory de Cuba

Overview photo albums: Royal Body Extravaganza

Mass: Body Fantasy

Overview photo albums: Infinity Carnival Group 2020

Timeline: history of Infinity Carnival Group

Carnival 66 2020 Infinity Grand Parade Parade Oranjestad Timeline 0735 Mass Group Dlicious

Theme 2020: Body Fantasy

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Theme 2019: Exotic Birds of the Caribbean

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History: Infinity Carnival Group

Infinity Carnival Group was born out of the musical band of ‘D’-licious’ owned by Jerrino (Bass) Ridderstap. The group was founded in 2018 and made quite a first entrance into Aruba’s Carnival scenario with their first theme of Voyage to India.

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