Infinity Carnival Group 2019

‘D’-Licious Band’ owned by Jerrino Ridderstap for years has been the house band of the ‘Majestic Carnival Group’. In 2018 Jerrino debuted with his own group by the name of ‘Infinity Carnival Group’ with their theme of ‘Voyage to India’. ‘D’-Licious Band’ is very popular with an outstanding musical trajectory. The band with its lead singers including Jerrino himself have won various prizes at the Carnival musical events of ‘Caiso & Soca Monarch’ and ‘Tumba Festival’. The band’s music in combination with tasteful designs based on well chosen themes for their ‘Infinity Carnival Group’ has attracted many participants to themselves.

Everything at the group’s first time participation in the 2018 Carnival parades shows that they are well organized. Already at the ‘Torch Parade 2019’ ‘Infinty Carnival Group’ had 600 participants where it’s every group opportunity to raise funds for their participation in the Grand Parades.

‘Infinity Carnival Group’ for Carnival 65 in 2019 participated by the theme of ‘Exotic Birds of the Caribbean’

‘Infinity’ float ‘Wacamaya’ with Roxana Effer-Rodriguez as Mrs. Carnival representing the ‘Infinity Carnival Group’ and Anaïs Thiel as Youth Queen representing ‘Colegio San Antonio’ and ‘2nd Runner-up Aruba’s Carnival Youth Queen 2019’ has won the ‘Carnival Champion Float 2019’ prize.

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Section: ‘Wacamaya’

On the image are Jeritza Werleman, Maya Croes, Nylamee Wanga, Saskia Franken, Gino Petrocchi, Divianne Koolman, Charlize Quant, Maurice Shipley, Benny Winterdal and Thais Nierop.

Divianne Koolman with her shoulderpiece ‘Wacamaya’ won the ‘Carnival Incentive 2019’ prize for her determination and courage.

Design by: Endy Croes
Tailor: Astro Werleman


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