Empire Carnival Group


In 2019 ‘Empire Carnival Group’ will be celebrating their first lustrum. ‘Empire’ is quite a young Carnival group since 2015 debuting with their theme an ‘Empire of Desires’. Back then the owner of the group Darin van Ommeren acted also as the group leader. Darin signed a contract with the musical band of ‘Buleria’ which has been the groups band ever since.

The group in combination with the band made an impressive first entrance into the Carnival scenario of Aruba in 2015 and closed the season participating with the Grand Parades reaping respect all over. For 2019 the group leader is Queeny Bergen assigned for the second year since last year in 2018.

There is still much more to tell about this magnificent Carnival group and we promise you to keep updating about ‘Empire Carnival Group’.

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