Empire Carnival Group 2019

In 2019 ‘Empire Carnival Group’ will be celebrating their first lustrum. For 2019 the group leader is Queeny Bergen assigned for the second year since last year in 2018.

There is still much more to tell about this magnificent Carnival group and we promise you to keep updating about ‘Empire Carnival Group’.

‘Empire Carnival group’ for Carnival 65 in 2019 participated by the theme of ‘Tribute to 65 years of Greatness’.

Dancegroup ‘The Popcorn Dancers’ has won the ‘Carnival Best Road Show 2019’ prize.

‘The Popcorn Dancers’ has a long outstanding history trajectory with Freddy Tromp as owner and leader.

photo: ‘The Popcorn Dancers 2002’

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Section: ‘Champagne and Bubbles’

Empire section ‘Champagne and Bubbles’ by Cindy Martinus won the ‘Carnival 3rd Best Luxurious Section’ prize.

From left to right on the image are: Jarlene de Cuba, Jasmin Martis, Juleika Wardenaar, Gislenne Dirksz, Edrei Cabarcas, Cindy Martinus, Endrely Kock, Geneida Geerman, Jennifer Boekhoudt, Zahaira Croes, Lurainne Donata and Melisa Tromp. The section member that is missing on the photo is Yuraney Toppenberg. Find Yuraney though on the cover of the corresponding photo albums below.

The theme of ‘Champagne & Bubbles’ was an idea of Empire Carnival Group in celebration of Aruba’s Carnival 65 and based on which the designs were made by Ronchi de Cuba. Decoration on the pieces were done by Edson Everon.
Every section member worked on their own shoes , matching bracelets and finishing touches.

Section leader: Cindy Martinus
Welding by:
Joselito Abath
Tailor: Gaby Galeano

Overview photo albums: Champagne & Bubbles

Section: ‘Confetti Explosion’

‘Empire’ section ‘Confetti Explosion’ by Queeny Bergen and Rocio Burgos.

From left to right on the image are: Queeny Bergen, Monica Oduber, Liza Helder, Melanie Lopez, Samantha Corrado, Kimberly Kuiperi, Shayna Harms and Rocio Burgos.

The designs for the costumes and pieces were a team effort by all of the section members together. Every member has worked on their own individual costume, body- and headpiece with the help of Lisette Tromp when decorating.
The team of section ‘Confetti Explosion’ wishes to thank Jennyree Geerman for the make-up done.

Many houses, garages and other spaces are converted into complete workshops while working on the Carnival pieces as participants prepare for Carnival. The team of Empire section ‘ Confetti Explosion’ wishes to thank Clarilene Croes and family for allowing the team to turn their home upside down converting it into such a workshop.

Section leaders: Queeny Bergen and Rocio Burgos
Welding by:
Shawn Thijsen

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