Don Flip Carnival Group 2019

The Big Party 2019 (E Gran Fiesta 2019)

Don Flip Carnival Group for children for quite some years hasn’t participated with the Carnival children’s parades. However with Aruba’s Carnival lustrum celebration they’ve decided to join once more and contribute in making this huge cultural celebration even a greater one. Surely the presence of the popular Don Flip Carnival Group as made a difference. Their houseband was D’-licious band and their theme ‘E gran fiesta’ meaning ‘The big party’. It was a big party indeed what Don Flip put on the streets of Aruba during Carnival. Their mass by the same title of ‘E gran fiesta’ won the ‘Carnival Best Ambiance 2019’ prize.

Carnival 65 Don Flip Children Parade Oranjestad 528 Mass Ambiance

Group leader: Joy Werleman
Mass costume design:

Carnival 65 Don Flip Children Parade San Nicolas 895 Float 01

‘Don Flip’ float Roadpiece ‘E gran fiesta’ with Amira Molina and Brigeline Dania has won the ‘Carnival Champion Float 2019’ prize.

Roadpiece designer:

Roadpiece welder:
Proud parents:

Carnival 65 Don Flip Children Parade San Nicolas 907 BpcL2 Bpc2

These boys are brothers. Standing left is Jeaymar Dania with his bodypiece ‘Piñata di e Gran Fiesta’ (The Piñata of the Big Party) that won the ‘Carnival 2nd Best Luxurious Bodypiece 2019’ prize. The piñata is always filled with surprise gifts and candies for the children.
Standing right is Jeayzyonne Dania with his bodypiece ‘Preparacion pa Fiesta’ (Preparations for the Big party) that won the ‘Carnival 2nd Best Bodypiece 2019’. Preparation for the party includes decoration with balloons, confetti etc.

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