Deja Kids Carnival Group


Dancing and colorful

Ricky Felix was known as the leader of ‘Deja-Vu’ band and the Carnival group ‘Deja Mania’ and children’s Carnival group ‘Deja Kids’. After some time the band and concept was revamped ; in 2011 the band and group participated under a new name ‘Xc-lanz’ band and ‘Xc-lanz Carnival Group’ for the Grand Parades. The children’s Carnival group maintained its former name of ‘Deja Kids’ and they celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2014, during Aruba’s 60th Carnival Celebration. Now the musical band by Ricky Felix goes by the name of S.T.E.A.M.

Ricky’s aim of his Carnival group is to present an attractive costume at an attractive price to maximize the participation of as many interested Carnival dancers as possible. Costumes are beautiful, but not expensive, the accent is on beauty while cutting down on luxury expenses. The group covers part of the general costs by looking for sponsors. The a highest head of expenditure remains that of sound system equipment and service rentals.

“ The rental price of sound-equipment deserves to be looked into in the near future, because it has grown out of hand and is an obstacle to many a group”.

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