Champagne Carnival Group 2020

Class and elegance

‘Champagne Carnival Group’, headed by Evelyn (Lienchie) Merryweather participated in Aruba’s Carnival Parades for the 22nd consecutive time in 2019. A luxurious Carnival Group lead by a lady with a good feeling for details and finishing touches. ‘Champagne Carnival Group’ stands out for it’s touch of class presentation: accessories, make-up, precious decoration, stylishness and elegance! In Lienchie’s opinion more attention and support should be given to the organization of children’s and youth Carnival parades.

The youth should be stimulated to care about Carnival and to put in their creativity in the celebration because they are the ones to carry on with this important cultural event for Aruba in the future.

The preparations for Carnival 2020 are in full swing. For the Aruba’s Torch Parade that is scheduled to take place on Saturday 5th of January, 2020 the group’s theme is ‘Bohemian Expression’.

The theme for the grand parades of Aruba’s Carnival in 2020 of ‘Champagne Carnival Group’ is ‘Champagne’s Art District’. Already they have presented their costumes for the mass by that theme.

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