Champagne Carnival Group 2020

The Art District

The preparations for Carnival 2020 are in full swing. For the Aruba’s Torch Parade that is scheduled to take place on Saturday 5th of January, 2020 the group’s theme is ‘Bohemian Expression’.

The theme for the grand parades of Aruba’s Carnival in 2020 of ‘Champagne Carnival Group’ is Champagne’s Art District. Already they have presented their costumes for the mass by that theme.

Champagne queen’s float Champagne’s Art District has won the Carnival Champion Float prize.

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Section: Cas Floria

Un tributo na arte local

Already for several years this groups of friends calling their section the Aruba Carnival Freaks participate with Aruba’s Carnival parades. For Carnival 66 in 2020 their section has chosen to give tribute to Aruba’s local art with the theme of the Flowered Houses.

From left to right on the photo: Charlaine Alexander, Ryan Alexander, Mohebe Baroud, Juendel Sprok, Kimberley Dammerman, Sebastian Montañez, Anoushka Scharbaay, Gregory Scharbaay and Lisandra Dammerman

Cas Floria or Flowered Houses refers to a style of decoration that was used on houses by the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20 century. These decorations implied figures of cement made by hand on the corners and borders of houses’ walls on the outside. Later easier molds were made and used to repeat different figures. The most popular themes used in the abstract figures and that kept coming back were like the Swan, Flower, Twins, Bat, Vase with Flowers and more.
The figure of the Swan was used for the headpieces and compensated with Flower figures. The decorated borders on the houses were cleverly reflected in the bodypieces. The design cut for the ladies’ costumes reflected Aruba’s folklore as did the gentlemen using design of the wayabera.
Everything made with materials and fabrics that are usually for Carnival costumes in the colors blue, boreal, gold and silver.

Overview photo albums: Cas Floria

Section: Street Art by Viroh

The section leader Clyde Fuenmayor chose the discipline of Graffiti to reflect his design ideas for the Carnival costumes to be used in his section. Graffiti as way of painting on street walls in urban areas finds its origins in the times of the Roman Empire and was used to convey messages of protest.
It was during the last century that Graffiti has become more popular being used more frequently on streets because of its power to give strong messages. Graffiti has grown and become a way of art to give even stronger critique but without provoking violence.
Likewise Clyde with Viroh as the invited artist with their theme of Street Art by Viroh have created costumes with shoulder pieces using the art of Graffiti to passively share positive messages to the world.

The participants with each their own chosen theme as their specific messages are from left to right:

Clyde Fuenmayor: Libertad para Venezuela (Freedom for Venezuela)
Riri Botta: Muher na poder (Women in Power)
Viroh Vivas: – Raza + Razon (Less Race More Reason)
Juni Giel: LGTB (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender)
Hector Molina: Cuida nos naturaleza (Take care of Nature)
Annie Ridd: Stop abuso di mucha (Stop Child Abuse)

Overview photo albums: Street Art by Viroh

Overview photo albums: Champagne Carnival Group 2020

Timeline: history of Champagne Carnival Group

Carnival 66 2020 Champagne Grand Parade Parade Oranjestad Timeline 0639

theme 2020: The Art District

The theme is dedicated to San Nicolas of Aruba. In San Nicolas the fifth edition of the Aruba Art Fair was held in 2019. On Aruba the city San Nicolas and district continues to grow into a real district of art and culture.The musical band of Tsunami once again was the group's house band.

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Carnival 65 2019 Champagne Grand Parade Oranjestad Timeline 1314

theme 2019: Kingdom of Ice

Aruba's 65th edition of Carnival in 2019 marked a special celebration for which Champagne Carnival Group once again has added her extra touch of class and luxury. The group's mass (photo left) tickets were quickly sold out counting a total of 800 participants. One golden rule for a lustrum year is that all dresses and trousers need to be long to reflect elegancy.

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Carnival 50 2004 Champagne Grand Parade Oranjestad Timeline 487

History: Champagne Carnival Group

A luxurious Carnival Group lead by a lady with a good feeling for details and finishing touches. ‘Champagne Carnival Group’ stands out for it’s touch of class presentation: accessories, make-up, precious decoration, stylishness and elegance! In Lienchie’s opinion more attention and support should be given to the organization of children’s and youth Carnival parades.

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