Champagne Carnival Group 2019

Kindom of Ice

For 2019 ‘Champagne Carnival Group’ participated by the theme of ‘Kingdom of Ice’.

Carnival 65 Champagne Grand Parade Oranjestad 1263 FltL2

‘Champagne’ float ‘Crystallyzed Kingdom’ won the ‘Carnival Champion Luxurious Float 2019’ prize. On the float in the middle stands beautiful Daniella Pop who’s ‘First Runner-Up Carnival Queen 2019’ representing Champagne Carnival Group.

Carnival 65 Champagne Grand Parade Oranjestad 1294 RpcL2

Roadpiece: ‘Royals of Ice’
‘Champagne’ roadpiece ‘Royals of Ice’ won the ‘Carnival 2nd Best Roadpiece 2019’ prize’. The ladies standing on the roadpiece are Shaquina Ras (left) and Falon Werleman (right).

Designed by: Gareth Tromp and Izaira Mansur
Welding by: Betto Werleman and Niaks Rasmijn
Decoration by: Cathy Geerman, Izaira Mansur and 2 in 1 Uphostery crew

Costumes and headpieces:
Shaquina’s and Falon’s costumes were designed by Xiomara Werleman and made by Theresita Ortiz. Not to forget the beautiful headpieces that were designed by Andrew Curiel and Gareth Tromp with decoration by Rocio Ras.

Carnival 65 Champagne Grand Parade San Nicolas 151 BpcL2

Andres Diaz with bodypiece ‘King of Ice’ has won the ‘Carnival 2nd Best Luxurious Bodypiece’ prize.The ladies are Kimberley Ho and Xena Profet.

Designed by: Alvin Profet
Welding by: Juan Hoyos
Tailor: Theresa Ortiz

Andres Diaz and his team of Mitch Almary, Gennilee Ras, Ben Pombo and Alexander Ortega worked on the decoration of the costume, body- and headpiece.

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section: ‘Blooming Winter’

‘Champagne’ section ‘Blooming Winter’ has won the ‘Carnival Champion Section 2019’ prize.

From left to right on the image are: Carolina Merryweather, Amadee Nicolaas, Josephine Willems, Chantell De Palm, Shohaira Da Silva, Farah Figaroa, Larissa Bermudez, Francine De Lannoy, Zanette Refunjol, Nizana Solognier, Diza Arends and Tracey Nicolaas.

Carolina Merryweather-Raven and her section ‘The Carnival Divas’ by the theme of ‘Blooming Winter’ symbolizing and encouraging women’s strength, determination and beauty on Aruba in Carnival. Carolina in her explanation of their theme ‘Blooming Winter’ emphasizes on the strength and beauty of these flowers fully blooming red in spite of the hardship of strong winters.
Every member of the section has decorated and worked on their own costume, body- and headpieces using material like Coqui feathers, Lady Amherst Pheasants, Silver Tails, Biot Feathers and at least half a million crystals. Every appliqué used was handmade and decorated.

Carolina has been active with Carnival of Aruba since her childhood. Since 2016 she’s leader of her own Carnival section consisting mostly of her closest friends. Section leader Carolina and members of her section proudly present themselves as ‘The Carnival Divas’. For Carnival 65 in 2019 ‘The Carnival Divas’ participated by the theme of ‘Blooming Winter’.

Section leader: Carolina Merryweather-Raven
Design by: Carlos Tromp

Section: ‘Royals of Ice’

‘Champagne’ section ‘Royals of Ice’ has won the ‘Carnival 2nd Best Section 2019’ prize.

From left to right on the photo are: Lorena Maldonado, Francine Krozendijk, Izaira Mansur, Gareth Tromp, Julitza Christiaans, Dyno Leysner, Xiomara Werleman, Michael Saladin, Flavie Borrego and Maritza Bareño. Even though Elton Everon is missing on the picture he’s an important member of the section.

Section leaders: Izaira Mansur and Xiomara Werleman

Design costumes ladies by: Xiomara Werleman
Design costumes gentlemen by: Xiomara Werleman and Gareth Tromp
Tailor of the costumes: Theresita Ortiz-Hernandez

Design shoulderpieces ladies by: Xiomara Werleman
Design shoulderpieces gentlemen by: Gareth Tromp
Welded by: Betto Werleman

Design headpieces by: Andrew Curiel and Gareth Tromp

Every participant has decorated their own costumes, shoulder- and headpieces.

Section: ‘Frosty Labyrinth’

‘Champagne’ section ‘Frosty Labyrinth’ by Anoushka Scharbaay-Tromp has won the ‘Carnival 3rd Best Section 2019’ prize.

From left to right on the photo are: Mohebe Baroud, Charlaine Alexander, Sebastian Montañes, Sueyenne Dammerman, Anoushka Scharbaay, Gregory Scharbaay, Kimberley Ras, Lisandra Dammerman and Ryan Alexander. These are all friends that wouldn’t miss a Carnival season.

A ship with nine passengers departed to explore the Arctic waters in search of great treasures shining with vibrant colors of the Aurora Borealis. Colors to illuminate Aruba Carnival 65. Their ship got stuck in the ice and they to continue on feet breaching various obstacles until reaching the ‘Frosty Labyrinth’ through the streets of ‘Aruba’s Carnival 65’.

Section leader: Anoushka Scharbaay-Tromp
Designs by: Michael Douglas with creative input by Anoushka Scharbaay-Tromp and Charlaine Alexander
Welding of bodypieces and headpieces by: Joselito Abath
Decoration of costumes by: Charlaine Alexander

Every section member has decorated their own body- and headpieces. All featherwork was done by Anoushka Scharbaay-Tromp.

Mass: ‘Kingdom of Ice’

Champagne mass ‘Kingdom of Ice’ has won the ‘Carnival Champion Luxurious Mass 2019’.

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