Centro di Bario Noord Carnival Group 2019

Noord joins Children Parades as a group

The Carnival children’s group ‘Centro di Bario Noord’ or ‘Noord Carnival Group’ uses multiple themes for the children parades. This because within the groups are little separated groups with their own Carnival theme by different schools and instances of the district of Noord.

Centro di Bario Noord is a community centre and is managed by a non-profit foundation. Every year the ‘Centro di Bario Noord’ organizes their own district ‘Noord Children Parade’. In this parade every participating school or instance has their own group by their name and theme. When participating with the Carnival children parades in San Nicolas and in Oranjestad the complete ‘Noord Children Parade’ goes by one group’s name which is ‘Centro di Bario Noord’ or ‘Noord Carnival Group’.

In San Nicolas or Oranjestad the ‘Noord Children Parade’ becomes a group and each group of the ‘Noord Children Parade’ becomes a section. But these groups in Noord that have become sections in San Nicolas and Oranjestad keep their own separated names and themes.

For carnival 65 in 2019 the Noord Carnival Group participated by the theme of ‘Pacman Fever’. This theme is reflected mainly in the mass of the group because very section in the group had their own separated themes.

Carnival 65 Centro Di Bario Noord Children Parade Oranjestad 607

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