Zeta band

Carnival 65 Zeta Band Caiso Soca 0676

Photo taken at the Caiso & Soca Monarch 2019.

Zeta Band consistently participates in all three genres of tumba, caiso and soca.

Carnival 65 Zeta Band Tumba 448

Photo taken at the Tumba Festival 2019.

Carnival 64 Zeta Band Caiso Soca Prefinals 455

Photo taken at Caiso & Soca Monarch 2018.
From left to right;
Standing in the back are Franklin Falconi Jr., Eddy Maduro, Jorrel Loopstok, Shanay Jackson, Richard Quant, Cathrine Kamara, Ann Sophy Donk, Jurina Lanoy-Maduro, ?, ?.
Kneeling in the front are Harold Ras, Kenneth Bosnie, Gregory Vasquez, Michaud Daal and Shurby Oliviere.

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