The Failures

It was the Aruba Carnival season of 2006. The pre-finals for Calypso & Roadmarch Contest, the greatest musical event during the Carnival season, were held at the Centro di Bario Brasil. The moods were pleasantly loaded determined by many factors with one these being some peculiar big white flags appearing conspicuously waving high from behind the arena walls every time a singer presented his/ her song. Peculiar also because the flags with big black letters would say ‘YES’ but then again flags with ‘NO’ would be raised and waved. At first I thought that the flags carried the title of a song or new band with the purpose to create a mood of celebration. Then I noticed that more people inside at the event carried similar little flags. A moment later it hit me that all the people with those little flags and those outside the walls with the bigger flags were using these to partake in the decision whether or not the participant should roll over to the finals. I rushed outside looking for who were using the huge white flags…..

Carnival 52 2006 The Failures Calypso Roadmarch Prefinals 184

‘The Failures’ at the pre-finals of the Calypso & Roadmarch Contest 2006 held at Centro di Bario Brasil.

Carnival 64 The Failures Caiso Soca Prefinals 392

Photo taken at the Caiso & Soca Monarch 2018.
From left to right:
Standing in the back are Edwin Mohamed, ?, Theo Kock, Bjorn Angela, Mohamed Junior, Henderson Burgens, Anthonio Mingo, Edsel Ras, Ettienne Janga and Edgar Kock.
Kneeling in the front are Sonny Richardson, Kenneth Bosnie, Levon Jones, Celeste Richardson, Tobert Philips and Esmond Jones.
Lying on the ground is Jeremy Jones.

Members of this band use artifacts and self improvised instruments like sea shells and glass bottles.

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