Rincon Boyz

Rincon boyz is a local band of young and talented Bonairean musicians living on the island of Aruba. Since March 2007 they have been entertaining the people with their good music. The genre is music “criollo” from Bonaire. Rincon Boyz also identify themselves playing typical like music.

Chendell Beaumont (musical director, cuarta, vocal), Jean-Paul Coffie (manager, tambu), Charlton Beaumont (sound engineer, cuarta, wiri), Jason Henriquez (bass guitar), Franklin Falconi Jr (lead guitar), Robby Hart (rythm guitar), Rutsel Orman (bari zongo), Sonny Mercera (vocal), Gerardo Janga (vocal), Wendel Vlijt (vocal), Dimitri Frans (sound engineer).

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