Musical Time

Photo taken at the Caiso & Soca Monarch 2019.

Musical Time has come back to celebrate Carnival 65 together with the Empire Carnival Group.

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Musical Time: Carnival albums

Music Time Table of Musical Time: caiso & Soca Monarch

year name / artistic name genre / result song title song link composer(s) arranger(s)
2019 Roy Lintsz (Lord Cachete) caiso / clf Hand in hand Roy Lintz Delbert Bernabela
,, Roy Lintsz (Lord Cachete) soca / clf 65 on the road Roy Lintsz Delbert Bernabela
,, Roland Kock (King Chicho) caiso / - Fama Roland Kock Hubert Thiel
,, Roy Illis (Long Roy) soca / clf Control on the Island Chucho Hoek Chucho Hoek
,, Ingrid Richardson (Lady K) soca / clf Heat wave Chucho Hoek Chucho Hoek