Photo taken at the Caiso & Soca Monarch 2020.


Photo taken at the Caiso & Soca Monarch 2019.

Mellow in Carnival 2019 featured singers like Elvin Lopez, Joshua Bryson, Juan Carlos Maduro and Ezra Bosnie.

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Music Time Table of Mellow: Caiso & Soca Monarch

year name / artistic name genre / result song title song link composer(s) arranger(s)
2020 Elvin Lopez (Mr. Zippo) soca / - Soldiers coming Home Elvin Lopez Franklin Falconi
,, Juan Carlos Maduro (Mr. JC) soca / - Sweet soca Elvin Lopez /
Juan Carlos Maduro
Franklin Falconi
2019 Ezra Bosnie (Ezzrrraaa) soca / - One flag James Sneek /
Dolfi Richardson
Markwin Ignacio /
Dolfi Richardson /
Francis Geerman
,, Joshua Bryson (King Size) caiso / - Here today gone tomorrow Charles Hooker Charles Hooker
,, Joshua Bryson (King Size) soca / - Meet me on the road Charles Hooker Charles Hooker
,, Elvin Lopez (Mr. Zippo) soca / - Pirates Elvin Lopez Denny Loefstop
,, Juan Carlos Maduro (Mr. JC) soca / - Move it Juan Carlos Maduro /
Idris Boekhoudt
Idris Boekhoudt