Carnival 65 D-Licious Tumba 458

Photo taken at Tumba Festival 2019.

D’-Licious is a musical band founded by Jerrino Ridderstap alias ‘Bass’.

Carnival 64 D-Licious Caiso Soca Prefinals 4251

Photo taken at Caiso & Soca Monarch 2018.
From left to right;
Standing are Tyson, Kenny Kock, Denny Loefstop, Francis Geerman, Glennrick Curie, Arianne Westerburger, Jayson Banfield, Adaïr Kelly, Germain Gomez, Lyrza Lansiquot, Reginald Curie, Ergie, Curie and Champ Albertus.
Kneeling in the front are Marcie, Jerwin Hernandez, Jerrino Ridderstap, Ronwayne Kock and /.

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