Buleria Official

Photo taken at the Caiso & Soca Monarch 2020.

Photo taken at the Caiso & Soca Monarch 2019.

Buleria Official by Rodrick Franken and house band to Empire Carnival Group.

Buleria in Papiamento would simply mean: Alegria! Rumba! Ambiente!

The capacity to bring the enjoyment of composing songs of making music to the masses and giving them an awesome time. The way rhythms are created and played and lyrics interpreted and presented is with such passion, love for music, devotion for the art of creating something unique, conviction to be different and creativity that those involved produce right-on improvised tunes to the delight of their audience.

When the idea was presented of this new and fresh ensemble, we immediately linked the word Buleria with the frontline of singers as well as with the energy the masterminds personify; a tremendous synergy of brotherhood and fellowship. The countless possibilities that arise from a talented and gifted group of young, driven and hardworking individuals with ambition, the great prospect and potential combined with groundbreaking ideas, energetic beliefs and desire to thrive and make it in the music industry encompasses and synchronizes with the ambition and ability to be different.

All these elements put together are vital in the mindset of this group and therefor imperative components of the aspirations needed to be successful in life and what you do.

Photo taken at the Caiso & Soca Monarch 2018.
From left to right; Standing are Coni Colina, Dennison Abrahams, Roderick Albus (trumphet), Jairo Evertsz, Carlos Palencia, (trumphet), Jair Versprey (vocalist), Chandell Beaumont (vocalist), Ron Martis (vocalist), Rodrick Franken (vocalist), Jefraim Figaroa, Raul Piar, Anuar van der Linde, Dwight Leoneta, Christopher Wells, Franksjen Vos, Jeandré Hessen. Kneeling in front are José Lugo, Raynold Kelly, Thouzianne Halley, Malaghy Richardson, Rygell Isabella, Rudyanne Kelly and Josue Kelly.

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Buleria Official: overview Carnival albums

Music Time Table of Buleria Official: Caiso & Soca Monarch

year name / artistic name genre / result song title song link composer(s) arranger(s)
2020 Jair Vesprey (Buddy) soca / clf Loud Carl Roosberg /
Jair Vesprey
Rygel Isabella
2020 Eugene Kemp (E.K) soca / clf Get a grip on Eugene Kemp Eugene Kemp /
Rygel Isabella
2020 Raynold Kelly (Ray) soca / clf Focus Carl Roosberg /
Rodrick Franken /
Rygel Isabella
Rygel Isabella
2020 Michael Dorbeck (Oye Maiky) soca / clf Again Michael Dorbeck Michael Dorbeck /
Rygel Isabella /
M. Ignacio
2020 Chayenne Tromp (Chayo) soca / - Only good vibez Chayenne Tromp Chayenne Tromp
2019 Michael Dorbeck (Oyemaiky) soca / - D' party cyan’t stop Claudius Philips Jr Michael Dorbeck /
Claudius Philips Jr.
2019 Eugene Kemp (E.K.) caiso / clf Headlines Eugene Kemp Eugene Kemp /
Rygel Isabella
2019 Eugene Kemp (E.K.) soca / clf Ruggish Sway Eugene Kemp Eugene Kemp /
Rygel Isabella
2019 Reinier Lijfrock (Reintjerock) soca / clf Big truck Jeanchrisjair Versprey /
Janiro Eisden
Rygel Isabella
2019 Alvin Molina (Dextah) soca / - Celebrating Antoni Gario Antoni Gario
2019 Jair Vesprey (Buddy) caiso / - Lodo Jeanchrisjair Versprey /
Raul Piar
Raul Piar
2019 Jair Vesprey (Buddy) soca / - Overwhelming Jair Versprey Rygel Isabella
2019 Randall Luidens (Zyon King) caiso / clf E berdad ta pica Sandra Randall Luidens /
Janiro Eisden
Rygel Isabella

Music Time Table of Buleria Official: Tumba Festival

year name / artistic name genre / result song title song link composer(s) arranger(s)
2019 Rodrick Franken (Rocco) tumba / 1st Place Aruba ariba
(Aruba on top)
Djoni Croes /
Rodrick Franken
Dwight Leonata
2019 Maryann Rodriguez tumba / 5th Place
- Best Costume
Dwight Leonata Dwight Leonata
2019 Rolindo Dortalina tumba / - Amigo pa semper
(Friends forever)
Milangelo Dap /
Rolindo Dortalina
Dwight Leonata