Back on Track

Photo taken at the Caiso & Soca Monarch 2018.
From left to right;
Standing are Lenn Johnson (percussion), Tuyo Ruiz (guitar), Timothy Lake (trumphet), Felix Piña (guitar and vocal), José Piña (vocal), Ito Stamper (vocal), Tico Croes (trombone), 8.Fernando Pierre-Louis (trumphet).
Kneeling in front are Randy de Kort (piano), Marlon Wong (trumphet), 11. ?, Radimes Jimenez (trombone) and Gino Polak (bass).

Members of Back on Track are real die hards. They will give it their best no matter what.

Back on track: Carnival albums

Musical Time Table of Back on Track: Caiso & Soca Monarch

year name / artistic name genre / result song title song link composer(s) arranger(s)
2019 George Forbes (King George) caiso / - This island has too much of a problem George Forbes Ivan Quandus
,, George Forbes (King George) soca / - We celebrate on Jouvert Morning George Forbes Ivan Quandus
,, Eric Mohamed (X-President) caiso / - Take ye hand out me pocket Eric Mohamed Dwight de Kort
,, Frank Piña (Mighty Charro) caiso / - Don’t tax my beer Randy de Kort Dwight de Kort
,, Lenn Johnson (The Stranger) soca / - Joy Randy de Kort Dwight de Kort
,, Jacintho Stamper (Mighty Rocker) soca / - You don’t own me Randy de Kort Dwight de Kort