All Star Band Tumberito

Carnival 65 All Star Band Tumberito Pre Children Youth 676

Photo taken at the Tumberito Festival 2019.
band members; Rodney v/d Biezen (musical director_piano), Franklin Granadillo (trumpet), Ivan Quandus (bass), Dennis Zavala (trumphet), José Daniel Gonzales (trombone), Lidrick Solognier (timbales), Chris Rudolfo (conga), Gregory Scharbaay (wiri), K.C. de Cuba (cow bell), Marvin Albertus (keyboard), Jeanine Roja (back vocal), Giovanni Tromp (back vocal), Izaira Cruz (back vocal), Emilienne Boekhoudt (back vocal), Zuleika Wever (festival coordinator).

A band put together by Rodney vand der Biezen. Rodney rehearses with all the young participants to the Calypso & Roadmarch Contest.