Cantica di Caya 2019

The first official activity in preparation for the final ‘Day of Brazil’ is the musical event of:

‘Cantica di Caya’

Bacchanal has covered this first edition of the ‘Typical Aruban Song Festival’ named ‘Cantica di Caya’ that was added as a new event to the‘Celebration Day of Brasil’. This song festival ‘Cantica di Caya’ translates as ‘Roadsong’. The festival has two categories. The first main category of the festival is for participants singing a ‘Cantica di Caya’ or ‘Roadsong’ which is a song of their own creative composition.
The second category is for the participants is that of the ‘Typical Existing Aruban Song’ in which every participants are allowed to sing an existing song of their own choice.
The typical music genres permitted at the for the festival are the Tumba, Danza, Tambu and the Calypso Crioyo. Every singer is allowed to participate in both categories.

List of bands with participants for the Road Song

band singer song title song link composer arranger result
1 Sodo y Cuero
(Sweat and skin)
Betty Werleman ‘Shonnan subi caya’
(People take to the roads)
Betty Werleman Betty Werleman
Vicente Ras ‘Nos dushi bario Brazil’
(Our beloved neighbourhood of Brazil)
Vicente Ras and Wiwi Maduro Vicente Ras
2 Tradishon Musical Jessica Gonsalves ‘Nos parada’
(Our parade)
Jessica Gonsalves Jessica Gonsalves and Joffrey Angela
3 Comcomber Stoba Edelien Geerman ‘Riba Caya’
(On the road)
Ronwayne Kock Denny Loefstop
4 Grupo Stimami Judith Werleman ‘Mi pais’
(My country)
Vivio Croes Grupo Stimami
Lionel Croes and Lilian Besselink ‘Awe nos tin fiesta’
(Today we party)
Lionel Croes 4th Place Roadsong
Hubert Geerman ‘Nos folklore’
(Our folklore)
Vivio Croes Juan Tromp
5 Alma Folklorico Angelo Koolman ‘Nos Parada Cultural’
(Our cultural parade)
Angelo Koolman Juan Tromp
Quincy Hasham ‘Esaki ta nan cuna’
(This is their cradle)
Danilo Vrolijk Albertico Kelly 2nd Place Roadsong
6 Nos Folklore Danilo Vrolijk ‘Den Brazil’
(In Brazil)
Robert Maduro Albertico Kelly Roadsong King 2019
7 Un Brindis Daniel Willems ‘Brazil Merece’
(Brazil deserves it)
Danilo Vrolijk Juan Tromp
Joshua Bryson ‘Brazil ban caya’
(Brazil, take it to the road)
Danilo Vrolijk Anuar van der Linde
Chelito Dirksz ‘Ta di nos e ta’
(It's ours)
Chelito Dirksz Chelito Dirksz
Hubert Ras ‘Lag'é palo para’
(Let the tree stand)
Vicente Croes Un brindis
Antonieta Ras ‘E flor di mi cultura’
(The flower of my culture)
Vicente Croes Un brindis 5th Place Roadsong
8 Brisa Tropical Frenk Kock ‘Ta tempo pa nos uni’
(It's time we unite)
Ruben stamper and Anuar van der Linde Anuar van der Linde
Hubert Ras ‘Pargata ta gloria caya’ Eugene Albertsz and Hubert Ras Anuar van der Linde 3rd Place Roadsong

List of bands with participants for the Existing Song

band singer song title song link composer arranger result
1 Sodo y Cuero Vicente Ras ‘Bida no ta nada’
(Life ain't nothing)
Vicente Ras Vicente Ras
Betty Werleman ‘Bon e ta’ (It's good) Bernadina Growell Bernadina Growell
2 Tradishon Musical Jessica Gonsalves ‘E soño’ (The Dream) Bernadina Growell Bernadina Growell
3 Grupo Stimami Jelisse Boekhoudt ‘Ayo mi dudu’
(Goodbye sweety)
Bernadina Growell Bernadina Growell
4 Alma Folklrico Danilo Vrolijk ‘Loco’ (Crazy) Bernadina Growell Bernadina Growell
5 Nos Folklore Daniel Willems ‘Rosita’ Bernadina Growell Bernadina Growell
6 Un brindis Hubert Ras ‘Unda cu mi bai, bo ta bai mi tras’
(Wherever I go you follow)
Vicente Ras Vicente Ras 1st Place Existing Song
7 Brisa Tropical Roosje Growell ‘Ra ra ra’ Bernadina Growell Bernadina Growell

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