Aruba's National Anthem & Flag Day

Let’s celebrate together Aruba’s National Anthem & Flag day, ‘Dia di Himno y Bandera’. Find below a list of activities to attend on March 18th 2019.

List of activities during 'Dia di Himno y Bandera 2020’

Bacchanal except for Carnival of Aruba even more is also covering other cultural events of Aruba. Already we have prepared this page for the future schedule and information of events around the ‘National Flag and Anthem Day’. This page offers you a throw back on photos from back to 2008. The year of 2008 was announced as a ‘Official Year of Culture’ by mr. Ramon Lee who was the Minister of Culture. Bacchanal is now picking up where we left off but by stepping into the Bacchanal, a new era. Developments in technology and working with the developers of CR38TE is making it possible to take the concept of Bacchanal Carnival and Cultural voyage to a next level.

Compliments of Bacchanal Carnival & Cultural Heroes