Aruba International Regatta 2019

The ‘Aruba International Regatta 2019’ is an event that takes place for eleven consecutive years already. The organization of this event and participants take pride in promoting sustainability, culture and tradition during the three days full of activities on the beach and water. Bacchanal since 2017 has been covering the ‘Aruba International Regatta’ which has obtained Silver and Gold Status from the ‘Sailors for the Sea’ for stimulating sustainable development.

Aruba Bacchanal supports ‘Aruba International Regatta’ with this online information page calling out their motto of:

“Keep the beach, the sea and the air clean: reduce, reuse and recycle!”.

In August of 2019 Bacchanal once again has joined the community that fancy sailing competitions and with a special attention on
the ‘TRADITIONAL MINIATURE BOATS’ that’s also a part of the whole event.

The races include categories of yachts, sunfishes, beach cats, optimists, F11’s and the miniature boats with local and international participants. On the Surfside Beach a party takes place where many excitedly follow their family members and friends in the competitive races on the water.

The ‘Tranquilito’ and the ‘Taaltje’.

These are members of both the crews of two of the yachts that have competed. The first four persons from left to right on the image are the crew of the ‘Tranquilito’ from Aruba who are Brandon, Roos, Anthony and Kyle. The next four in yellow shirts from left to right are Leon, Federico, Fred and Ilse of the ‘Taaltje’ from The Netherlands.

The ‘Tranquilito’ in action. Like they say in dutch ‘Klein maar dapper’ which translates as ‘Little but surely brave!’

Anthony Hagedoorn tells us that they’ve participated with the ‘Aruba International Regatta’ because for them it’s the nicest event on Aruba. They’ve borrowed the yacht ‘Tranquilito’ from Ernest Kervel and could prepare it just in time for the races of the regatta. Nevertheless during the races they’ve encountered some problems but persevered. It wasn’t easy for the ‘Tranquilito’ to find the crew that was needed for the races but the winds were in their favor and they found two experienced young guys from the U.S.A. by the names of Kyle and Brandon to join the crew. Kyle and Brandon coincidentally were stranded on Aruba with their ship because the axel of their propeller broke on sea between Aruba and Jamaica.
Anthony also speaks highly of young lady Roos Rijnsaardt of Aruba that after some training could take over command of the ‘Tranquilito’ as its skipper. Roos was able to take over so quickly probably because she has inherited her talent and skills from her father Jan Pieter who’s an experienced yachtsman. Jan Pieter himself was part of the crew during the first race.

It was like a dream come true in a team and watching them working together on the boat. Those were beautiful and unforgettable fun moments.
The ‘Tranquilito’ , which formerly was the ‘Ocean 505’ was renamed after a bigger popular charter vessel by the name of ‘Tranquilo’ and which in the past has won several races in Bonaire, Curaçao and Aruba in its category.
Now already there are plans to fix the ‘Tranquilito’ even more preparing for the ‘Aruba International Regatta 2020’ with Roos as the captain.

Thank you Anthony for the information. A nice story indeed. Good luck!

The next yacht would be the ‘Taaltje’. This Taling type of yacht was bought in Friesland (The Netherlands) and is named after a dutch designer mr. Taal.
‘Taal’ was translated to ‘Taaltje’ because in Friesland the language is different than the dutch language that is spoken in the rest of The Netherlands.
Thank you Ilse for this information. It’s a nice story.

The ‘Dash’

Dashing through the waves in a big sail open yacht. The ‘Dash’ participates with the Aruba International Regatta and sails of to participate with other races elsewhere.

2019 Aruba International Regatta Yachts 531

The ‘Jenk’

Loyal participants of the Aruba International Regatta and winners is the ‘Jenk’ from Curaçao and her crew.

Surely an elegant yacht that we’ve seen at least since 2017 when we first started covering the Aruba International Regatta.

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