Carnival Tumberito Festival 2019

Aruba’s Tumberito Festival is a diminutive of the Aruba Grand Tumba Festival. Tumberito Festival offers a great opportunity for and encourages children and young participants to display their talents.

This is an OVERVIEW page in this case for the event of Carnival Tumberito Festival 2019. For 2019 a new age category was created by splitting the two usual age categories into three different age categories.
The categories now are pre-children of ages 4 to 9 years old, children from ages 10 to 13 years old and youth from ages 14 to 17 years old.

– LIST: of all three categories each you’ll first find a list with links to listen to all the songs and to the individual pages of each participant. You can listen to each song while staying on this page by clicking the reds play buttons in front of the song titles. To find out more about each participant individually you can click on the participant’s name of your choosing and you’ll be taken to the participant’s own single page.
– POSTS: Underneath the list you’ll next find an overview with posts of each participants which offers you a recognition by photograph and name. Each post is also a link to the individual single page of the illustrated participant.
– ALBUM: Lastly follows an album with a quick photographic overview of the category.

Single pages:
Aruba’s Official Carnival Platform proudly presents the single pages for each participant with their own information, song list and complete photo albums through the years that Aruba Bacchanal has covered their Carnival trajectory.

Tumberito Pre-Children: 4 to 9 years

List: Tumberito Festival Pre-Children 2019

name (stage name) tumba song title song link composer(s) arranger(s) results
1 Jordan Koolman (Jordan) Awe t'e dia
(Today is the Day)
Chendell Beaumont /
Jurdany Koolman
Jurdany Koolman Pre-Children Tumberito King 2019
- Social Media Star
2 Carl-Anthony Petrocchi (King Carl) Bula den si bo ta on
(Jump in if you are on)
Quincy Hasham John Francis Jacobs 2nd Place Pre-Children Tumberito 2019
- Most Popular
3 Ezahayra Arteaga (Lill Eza) Barbulet Carnavalesco
(Carnival butterfly)
Anuar van der Linde Anuar van der Linde 3rd Place Pre-Children Tumberito 2019
- Best Costume
4 Guivan Monart (Mighty Portu) Shon piscado
(Mister fisherman)
Ronwayne Kock Ronwayne Kock /
Federico Martis
- Most Popular by SMAC
5 Jurian Lanoy (Marshmellow) Nos tesoro
(Our treasure)
Jurina Lanoy-Maduro /
Richard Quant
Candred Lanoy /
Franklin Falconi
- Rookie of the Year
6 Jaysi-Ann Croes (Jaysi) Un selfie cu Carnaval
(A selfie with Carnival)
Benito Loefstop /
Denny Loefstop
Denny Loefstop

Tumberito Children: 10 to and 13 years

List: Tumberito Festival Children 2019

name (stage name) tumba song link composer(s) arranger(s) results
1 Asia Libiee (Asia) Carnaval ta nos
(Canival is us)
Chendell Beaumont Raul Piar Children Tumberito Queen 2019
- Most Popular by Smac
- Social Media Star
2 Jaydiën Geerman (JD) Mi pintura
(My painting)
Benito Loefstop /
Denny Loefstop
Denny Loefstop 2nd Place Children Tumberito 2019
3 Zoë Boekhoudt (Queen Zoë) Wekker di Carnaval
(Alarmclock of Carnival)
Frenzie Boekhoudt /
Richard Quant
Migi Bosman 3rd Place Children Tumberito 2019
- Most Popular
- Best Costume
4 Rowin Kock (Rowin) Bals Carnaval
(Carnival gum)
Ronwayne Kock Denny Loefstop 4th Place Children Tumberito 2019
- Rookie of the Year
5 Alysee Bernabela (Queen Aly) Dun'é lag'é bai
(Give and let go)
Roland (Chicho) Kock Roland (Chicho) Kock /
Federico Martis
6 Giliany Arends (Princess Gigi) Sali cu bo wayado
(Come out with your fan)
Jersey Isenia Jersey Isenia /
Federico Martis
7 Shaylee Croes (Queen Shay) Holoshi warda riba mi
(Clock wait for me)
Jersey Isenia Jersey Isenia

Tumberito Youth: 14 to 17 years

List: Tumberito Festival Youth 2019

name (stage name) tumba song link composer(s) arranger(s) results
1 Xenon Daal (Prince Talent) Mi t'ey carga Carnaval
(I''l carry Carnival)
Richard Quant Anuar van der Linde Youth Tumberito King 2019
2 Jorienne Angela (Queen Giandra) Molina mand'é aire pa mi
(Mill blow the wind for me)
Chendell Beaumont Dwight Leoneta 2nd Place Youth Tumberito 2019
- Most Popular
- Most Popular by SMAC
3 Zarel Yarzagaray (Queen Za) Carnaval, mi cas ta bira bo cas
(Carnival, my home will be your home)
Lionel Croes Raul Piar 3rd Place Youth Tumberito 2019
- Best Costume
- Rookie of the Year
4 Zhaisky Kock (Zhaisky) Warwaru di ambiente
(Twister of ambiance)
Ronwayne Kock Denny Loefstop 4th Place Youth Tumberito
5 Jayleen Croes (Jayleen) Duna mi'e conteo
(Give it me happily)
Benito Loefstop /
Denny Loefstop
Denny Loefstop 5th Place Youth Tumberito
6 Jillian Geerman (Jillian G) 65 den top
(65 on top)
Ronwayne Kock Ronwayne Kock - Social Media Star
7 Priscilla Quant (Priscilla) Lag'é diamanta briya
(Let the diamond shine)
Jersey Isenia Jersey Isenia
8 Sendy Loefstop (Sendy) Y nos ta sigui
(And we'll continue)
Benito Loefstop /
Denny Loefstop
Denny Loefstop