Aruba's Carnival Tumba Festival

Tumba rhythm in Aruba’s Carnival

Many consider tumba as a native style of music indigenous to Curacao and Bonaire, neighboring islands of Aruba. Tumba was first brought to the region by Africans made slaves in the 17th century. The heart of the music was based on the unusual drumming patterns of the tambu rhythm. Today other instruments and latin influences play a role in tumba music and on the ABC islands the songs are sung mostly in the local language of Papiamento. Unlike Calypso and Roadmarch tunes, the tumba song is played all year round, but because of their popularity and roots in the Dutch Antilles, tumba songs are especially revered in Aruba’s Carnival. Tumba during Carnival often incorporates a bit of political and social satire reminiscent of Calypso stylings but reflects a danceable beat. Aruba’s tumba rythm is more melodic and for Carnival the lyrics are dedicated to the celebration. The first Tumba Festival was held in 1971 for Carnival 17 at which Casin Giel was crowned as Aruba’s first Carnival Tumba King.

Vicente Kelly

(8>) There is one tumba singer whose lyrics capture the essence of Carnival so well, that his songs stand apart from all the others in a season: Vicente Kelly is an acordion virtuoso whose tumbas are the darlings of each season because Kelly is a master at picking up current topics. He translates them into funny, stingy lyrics and then wraps them up in his lively folk tumba form. (<8)

Juancho Kock

After idol Juancho Kock (left on photo) decided to retire he has always remained an idol. Other popular musicians on stage are Edwin Ziechem (middle) and Robert Jean d’Or (right ). Not to forget others like Ito Dania andPapito Rafael. Papito in 2000 has won his fifth title with his tumba ‘Den meimei’ and since then stands even with Robert Jean D’or for won titles. Then in the following generations there is Rodrick Franken who up until 2020 has seven titles on his name ranking from three in Children’s-, one in Youth’s- and three in the Grand’s Tumba Festival. Rodrick Franken is the only singer ever that has won the title in all three age categories. A strong contender for Rodrick is Jerrino Ridderstap. Jerrino with four titles on his name is a four times Aruba’s Carnival Tumba King where Rodrick is a three times winner of Aruba’s Grand Tumba Festival.

Tumba forever

Eventhough the tumba is rarely heard during the parades it is as much a part of Carnival as the Roadmarch and Calypso. Carnival Tumba songs ar played everywhere through the entire Carnival season and the Tumba Festival creates a thrill especially ‘pabou di brug’. As the Calypso and the Roadmarch is more district bound to San Nicolas with the contest taking place there ’pariba di brug’, Tumba is ‘pabou di brug’ to Oranjestad where the festival was held in 1971 for the first time.

Timeline: history of Aruba's Carnival Tumba Contests

Carnival 66 2020 Tumba Contest Timeline 664 Prizes

Tumba Contest 2020

Tumba King 2020: Jerrino Ridderstap
2nd Place Tumba 2020: Jerwin Hernandez
3rd Place Tumba 2020: Giliane Wester

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Carnival 65 2019 Tumba Contest Timeline 551 Prizes

Tumba Contest 2019

Tumba King 2019: Rodrick Franken
2nd Place Tumba 2019: Jerrino Ridderstap
3rd Place Tumba 2019: Jerwin Hernandez
4th Place Tumba 2019: Edward van der Biezen
5th Place Tumba 2019: Maryann Rodriguez

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Carnival 50 2004 Tumba Timeline 073

History: Tumba Contest

Aruba’s tumba rythm is more melodic and for Carnival the lyrics are dedicated to the celebration. The first Tumba Festival was held in 1971 for Carnival 17 at which Casin Giel was crowned as Aruba’s first Carnival Tumba King.

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Tumba Kings and Queens since 1971

Bacchanal Time Tracker

year tumba: adult tumberito: youth tumberito: children tumberito: pre-children
C66_2020 50. Jerrino Ridderstap - Ban lucha p'é 31. Jorienne Angela - Esey ta e cara di Carnaval 33. Javinah Besselink - Reina di ambiente 02. Jordan Koolman - Taa taa
C65_2019 49. Rodrick Franken - Aruba ariba 30. Xenon Daal - Mi t'ey carga Carnaval 32. Asia Libiee - Carnaval ta nos 01. Jordan Koolman - Awe t'e dia
C64_2018 48. Richard Quant - Aruba si sa 29. Jayleen Croes - Un biaha mas nos ta number 1 31. Xenon Daal - Un paso un paso
C63_2017 47. Jerrino Ridderstap - Peloton 63 28. Mary-Jane Vrolijk - E chick briyante 30. Sendy Loefstop - Saluda Carnaval
C62_2016 46. Jerrino Ridderstap - Vuelo di gozo 27. Mary-Jane Vrolijk - Awe cos tey bati 29. Sendy Loefstop - Mi ta cla pa marcha
C61_2015 45. Rodrick Franken - Univesidad C.A.Y.A. 26. Giliane Wester - Ban pariba ban topa 28. Iyailah Stamper - Scol ta di fiesta
C60_2014 44. Jerrino Ridderstap - Carnaval ta bisti di gala 25. Franksjen Vos - His'é but'é te ayanan 27. Tahirah Wever - hasa b'a keda hasa
C59_2013 43. Jeffrey Kelly - Nos t'ey pa keda 24. Franksjen Vos - Hala bin pega 26. Iyailah Stamper - Carnaval ta alegria
C58_2012 42. Chendell Beaumont - Den historia 23. Eunice Albertsz - Awe ta e dia 25. Mary-Jane Vrolijk - Ban bati man
C57_2011 41. Chendell Beaumont - Cultura ta di fiesta 22. Eunice Albertsz - Un pueblo orguyoso 24. Franksjen Vos - Awor tin cos
C56_2010 40. Jeffrey Kelly - Ban brinda p'é 21. Eunice Albertsz - Hubentud ban saca cara 23. Jonathan Croes - Dun'é su cos
C55_2009 39. Anoushca Jean D'or - Djáki 20. Chanella Lopes - Zona e cashaca ricibi'é 22. Jonathan Croes - : Laga nos Carnaval briya
C54_2008 38. Rodrick Franken - Ban uni (canceled) (canceled)
C53_2007 37. Eugene Albertsz - Lag'é lombra (canceled) (canceled)
C52_2006 36. Jurdany (Danny) Koolman - Ban lastr'é (canceled) (canceled)
C51_2005 35. Ladies & Gents: (canceled) (canceled)
Gent: Jurdany (Danny) Koolman - E piscado
Lady: Darien Kastaneer - Bai p'é
C50_2004 34. Ladies & Gents: (canceled) (canceled)
Gent: Roland (Chicho) Kock - Duru duru
Lady: Emilenne Boekhoudt - Oro p'é
C49_2003 33. Jurdany (Danny) Koolman - Zona e tumba (canceled) 21. Chanella Lopes - Arubiano
C48_2002 32. Rolindo Dortalina - Aruba ta conocí 19. Ronwayne Kock - Trek'é p'é bai 20. John Francis Jacobs - Ban celebr'é
C47_2001 31. Roland (Chicho) Kock - Si e zapato sirbi bisti'é 18. Rodrick Franken - Badam boedoem 19. John Francis Jacobs
C46_2000 30. Papito Rafael - Den meimei 17. Rodrick Franken - Ban laga e weya herbe 18. Chanella Lopes - E pluma
C45_1999 29. Oswald Tromp - Basora 16. Rodrick Franken - Aruba den ambiente 17. Chanella Lopes - Carnaval ata bo yiu, 45 aña a yega
C44_1998 28. Papito Rafael - Aruba te'í tembla 15. Elton Kelly - Stim'é 16. Rodrick Franken - Bin bin mira
C43_1997 27 14 15
C42_1996 26. Gilbert Raven - 13. Jossy Kock 14. Francella Jacobs
C41_1995 25. Papito Rafael - Hala pa nos pasa 12. Elton Kelly 13. Derreck Dubero
C40_1994 24. Papito Rafael - Lole pict 11. Marjethy Werleman 12. Joselito Geerman
C39_1993 23. Papito Rafael - Bagadi bagada 10. Miriam Contrersas 11. Doris Franken
C38_1992 22. Richard Quant - Candela 09. Marjethy Werleman 10. Zulaika Croes
C37_1991 21. Robert Jean D'or - Want'é 08. Silvhyanne Vrolijk 09. Marjethy Werleman
C36_1990 20. Robert Jean D'or - Mi ta bai bon cu ne 07. Lionel Croes - E trein 08. Ghislaine Semerel
C35_1989 19. Juancho Kock - Un biaha mas 06. Raymond Kamperveen 07. Silvhyanne Vrolijk
C34_1988 18. Hendrik (Didi) Wernet - Bida 05. Raymond Kamperveen 06. Silvhyanne Vrolijk
C33_1987 17. Juancho Kock - Mas aplauso 04. Raymond Kamperveen 05. Silvhyanne Vrolijk
C32_1986 16. Ito Dania - Nos ta nos 3 04. Susan Boekhoudt
C31_1985 15. Roland (Chicho) Kock - Burachi no ta conta 2 03. Lionel Croes - E Pato
C30_1984 14. Juancho Kock - ban cu ne 01. Oslin Trimon 02. Carolyn Kelly
C29_1983 13. Ito Dania - Carnaval bon bini 01. Oslin Trimon
C28_1982 12. Ito Dania - Hiep hiep hoera
C27_1981 11. Juancho Kock - Pronkele
C26_1980 10. Juancho Kock - Ban haci un cos
C25_1979 09. Juancho Kock - Duru duru
C24_1978 08. Robert Jean D'or - Ku mi bolobonchi
C23_1977 07. Robert Jean D'or - Slip'é
C22_1976 06. Robert Jean D'or - Ban bons'é
C21_1975 05. Efrem Benita - Ta bo asunto
C20_1974 04. Juancho Kock - Zorg pa bo hacie
C19_1973 03. Juancho Kock - Muchanan
C18_1972 02. Cecil Growell - Den Carnaval
C17_1971 01. Casin Giel - Temporada di Carnaval